ArmZ™ to be Unveiled at IAAPA 2009, Las Vegas

Innovative Outdoor Advertising Medium Transforms Static Inflatables to Moving Inflatables.

Las Vegas, NV, November 18, 2009 --( SkyDancers International Inc., the technology leader in inflatable advertising today announced a major breakthrough with its introduction of an industry first, ArmZ™, moving arms for static inflatables.

Giant static inflatables have been around for a long time. Dancing inflatables, originally brought to you by SkyDancers, offered dancing tubes, dancing men, product replicas and more. But until now, never the twain has met, that is, static inflatables remained static and the moving inflatables remained moving, but what if the static, non-moving inflatables started moving? What then? Would it be the making of a sci-fi movie? Would the inflatable Godzillas start crushing cars and breathing fire?

“Not quite”, according to Chris Austin, President of SkyDancers, “Ever since we started this business, we have been working on the idea of taking static inflatables to the next level. First, we created the SkyDancer FlyTubes™, dancing tubes; next we created AirPuppets™ and then PerformAirs™, but each of these designs was basically a standalone design which complemented static inflatables, but did not incorporate our technology into the static designs.”

Austin continued, “Now, for the first time, those giant static inflatable heads of tigers, gorillas, and product replicas will come alive with their arms waving to onlookers, not just sitting idle next to their heads. Imagine that famous Exxon Tiger head that graced the top of so many gas stations, with its paws draped over the edge of the building, no longer static, but flailing in the air, beckoning customers to 'stop and check this out'!”

According to David Scherba of Inflatable Images, the industry leader in static Inflatables, “As a long term customer of SkyDancers, this new product promises to again re-energize retail sales especially in these tough economic times. ArmZ affirms SkyDancers as innovators in the animated inflatable market and should do very well for retailers in every segment.”

About ArmZ™

SkyDancers International ArmZ™ offer the inflatable advertising community and end-users an opportunity to take their current inventory of static inflatables and breath new life into them to attract potential customers who have heretofore found the static figures passé. ArmZ™ take static inflatables to the next level by removing the existing arms of already constructed static inflatable head designs and replaces them with moving/waving/attracting arms that bring the static creation to life and draw onlookers to the location.

New construction ArmZ™ figures, with the static head and moving arms are available for immediate purchase only through SkyDancers International and its worldwide dealer network. To see ArmZ™ in action, visit or better yet, visit IAAPA in Las Vegas November 17th through the 20th to see a live demonstration of ArmZ™ at Booth No. 8105.

About Inflatable Images

Inflatable Images, a division of Scherba Industries Inc., is the largest manufacturer of custom design cold air Inflatables in the United States. For over twenty-seven years, both large corporations and small concerns alike have entrusted Inflatable Images to design and produce some of their most highly visible and memorable presentations for any event.

Inflatable Images is the official approved supplier of record to the National Football League, Super Bowl, RE/MAX, Burger King, International Dairy Queen, Subway and many more.

About SkyDancers International Inc.

SkyDancers International Inc. is the world technology leader in moving promotional inflatables for retail promotions, special events and stage set design. SkyDancers products have been installed at retail businesses; at major events and in amusement parks around the world including several Disney parks; Universal parks; Six Flags parks; Opryland and others. SkyDancers have also been featured in movies; in music videos; and on television, including the internationally viewed programs such as the Superbowl; the Grammys; and the World Cup, just to name a few. SkyDancers are also used by major recording artists on stage and on tour.

SkyDancers International Inc. is headquartered in Northridge, California with dealers located around the world. For more information Phone: 818-701-5251 or 800-439-9878; Email:, or visit

SkyDancers International Inc.
Chris Austin