From Protecting Our Country to Protecting Our Investments

Retired Air Force Colonel Reports for Duty as HomeTeam Inspection Service Owner.

Louisville, KY, November 18, 2009 --( For the bulk of his career, Colonel Brian O’Rear was a member of the U.S. Air Force – a profession that took him around the globe flying B-2 bombers on missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo, among others. Though he’s now retired, the Louisville resident is employing that same level of integrity and protection in his new career as the owner of HomeTeam Inspection Service. He began servicing residents throughout Oldham County and eastern Jefferson County in mid-November.

It had been a lifelong dream of O’Rear’s to open a business so when he retired from the Air Force in August, he forewent the typical careers for former military personnel like flying commercial planes or remaining in the defense industry in favor of becoming his own boss. After exploring a number of opportunities, O’Rear found HomeTeam Inspection Service to be the perfect fit for his background as well as the slow-but-sure recovery of the housing market.

“Right before I retired, I helped lead a test and evaluation group in charge of systems analysis for complex projects and it proved to be the perfect preparation for the leadership involved in owning a business like HomeTeam Inspection Service,” said O’Rear, 44. “It’s a company that promotes efficiency through teamwork and with over two decades of leadership experience in the Air Force, I immediately understood and appreciated the business model.”

HomeTeam Inspection Service is the leading residential home inspection service in North America. For almost two decades, real estate professionals, homebuyers and home sellers across have recognized HomeTeam Inspection Service for its quality, value and dependability in an industry once lacking professionalism and structure. Instead of a lone inspector, HomeTeam Inspection Service owners bring a team of inspectors to every home inspection which ensures an efficient and thorough examination in half the time regardless of the size of the home. Each inspection covers 400 points inside and outside of the home, after which a qualified and professional HomeTeam Inspection Service inspector will provide a comprehensive narrative report containing vital information about the structure and property. Energy audits are also available to determine which parts of the home use the most and waste the most energy and suggest the most effective measures for cutting energy costs. HomeTeam Inspection Service has approximately 220 franchises in the U.S. and Canada and expects to have at least 400 North American locations within the next five years. Due to the tremendous area demand, the company wants to add two to three more qualified owners in the Louisville market over the next few years. O’Rear hopes to contribute to this growth in several ways – first by growing his staff of inspectors and then by expanding his territory to best serve homeowners throughout the region.

“HomeTeam Inspection Service’s niche relies heavily on professionalism in service, presentation and marketing. That approach resonates with me and fits well with what I already know and what I want to achieve in the future,” said O’Rear.

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