Identacheck LLC Opens for Business, Offers 30 Day Free Trial of RiskCheck(tm)

Carson City, NV, October 05, 2006 --( Identacheck LLC, is pleased to announce commencement of risk mitigation and compliance services. Identacheck's first service offering is RiskCheck(tm), a service that provides a best-of-breed solution for OFAC screening of existing and potential customers.

RiskCheck(tm) is a fully online service offering web and file inquiry submissions for OFAC screening while returning results back to the user in real-time. Search results are built using Identacheck's state of the art name matching algorithms. Identacheck name matching technologies utilize a complex multi-step process for finding matching records based on the name or a piece of identification. Results are then categorized and scored by a privately developed algorithm that takes into account possible variations of:

* Incorrect spellings and phonetic similarity
* Nicknames or genealogical variations
* Foreign & linguistically sensitive naming conventions
* Business & organizational abbreviations

Once results are found, each item is scored based on the method of match and the phonetic similarity to the blocked entity. Gabe Anguiano, president and CEO of Identacheck LLC states, "Our name matching technology is probably the most advanced of its kind. Risk mitigation comes in many forms such as AML, patriot act regulatory compliance, anti-fraud and KYC. It's a multi-billion dollar industry and we intend to focus and enhance our technology initially on OFAC compliance and eventually grow from there."

A key component of Identacheck's OFAC offering is a specially built data-mining application that continuously monitors the information source for changes. The software is said to be smart enough to realize if an update has been made without even downloading a copy of the data. Because of this harmless monitoring scheme Identacheck claims to have one of the fastest response times to OFAC changes or updates.

Another key feature of Identacheck's service offering is portfolio monitoring. All inquiries submitted will be continuously checked against the most recent risk relevant database. If a hit is found, the customer will be notified by their preferred method of notification.

Gabe Anguiano, president and CEO of Identacheck LLC is an industry expert in risk mitigation related technologies such as data mining, language processing and phonetic algorithms. He comes from a 6 year tenure at an Equifax's subsidiary "Compliance Data Center," where he lead up advanced data mining efforts.

Identacheck LLC is actively looking for venture capital to respond to rapid growth. Please contact Gabe Anguiano at 877-219-0731 for additional details.

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