New Medical Alert System Uses GPS and Cellular Technology to Help Seniors

Boca Raton, FL, November 20, 2009 --( Over the past thirty years, traditional medical alert systems have enabled seniors and other individuals to live independently, with the ability to notify emergency personnel of problems with a pendant, watch or other electronic device. The limiting factor to this technology, however, has been the requirement of users to remain within close proximity to a receiver or base unit, inhibiting the ability to travel outside of a few hundred feet from their home.

As a solution, a Florida-based healthcare technology company has announced the launch of a new patent-pending, cellular and GPS-enabled mobile personal emergency response system (M-PERS) for seniors and those with special medical needs.

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Medical Mobile Monitoring has launched MobileHelp™, offering 24/7 medical and emergency monitoring services with real-time notification capabilities through the use of a GPS and cellular-enabled help button.

When subscribers need help, they simply press their help button and are connected via two-way voice to a central monitoring station that is live 24/7/365. By year’s end, the new technology will also allow family members to see the location of their loved ones over the Web and be notified via mobile phone and email.

“MobileHelp addresses many of the limitations that exist with traditional medical alert systems currently on the market, namely the problem of the current technology only working in the home,” said Elias Janetis, founder and CEO of Medical Mobile Monitoring. “Statistics show that 40% of fall-related injuries happen outside the home and only MobileHelp will have someone covered in these instances.”

“With our system, individuals are no longer confined to their homes and will have help when and where they need it with our anywhere help button,” he added.

The patent-pending technology has taken nearly four years to develop and gives peace-of-mind to family members and caregivers. The product is beneficial for those who desire to live independently and need access to emergency assistance at the touch of a button, no matter their location.

Medical Mobile Monitoring offers its product through a subscription-based service that requires a small monthly monitoring fee. Cost for the service and unit are comparable to the older products that are currently on the market.

“We are able to deliver significantly more features for about the same cost or less as the older in-home technology,” said Janetis. “MobileHelp is a cost-effective way to significantly improve the quality of life of individuals and their families.”

In addition to its GPS medical alert system, Medical Mobile Monitoring also offers ClassicHelp, a traditional in-home medical alert system.

The company is currently offering free activation and a free month of service to anyone upgrading from a traditional alert system through year’s end.

For more information, visit or call 1-877-827-6207.

Medical Mobile Monitoring
Elias Janetis