A Link Worth $1000

A new concept site which gives members of a web directory the oppertunity to receive cash payments.

Pembroke, United Kingdom, October 06, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Purchasing a link with LifeChangingLink.com you not only gain the opportunity of being part of a new internet concept, but you also stand a chance of wining $1000

LifeChangingLink.com, is a new web directory which combines the traditional web directory with a lottery, one link owner out of the first 200 will be randomly selected (with the use of Random.org) to receive $1000.

After submitting a link to the site, site owners will be assigned a number in consecutive order, which will then appear next to the link, each link will cost $10. After the last link has been sold, a random number between 1 and 200 will be generated and the lucky winner will receive $1000 as well as the extra publicity for their site.

LifeChangingLink.com also offers its users the opportunity of placement on the front page, this can be achieved by the purchase of extra numbers at a price of $10. The front page works by placing the owner of the lowest number at the top of the page but owners of multiple numbers will get priority so; #1 ranks higher than #50 but if the owner of #50 then purchased another number then their listing will appear higher on the page than the owner of #1. The greater the amount of numbers allocated to any one website the higher the ranking.

Life Changing Link
Stuart Roberts