Internet Payroll Entrepreneur Develops Online Tutorials

Students can learn how to calculate compound interest through a free online tutorial developed by the owner of a payroll outsourcing company.

Dallas, TX, October 06, 2006 --( High school students interested in mastering the formula for calculating compound interest can do so by taking advantage of a free online tutorial developed by the owner of a payroll outsourcing company. The tutorial walks students through receiving their first payroll check, saving a portion of each check in an interest-earning savings account and calculating their overall earnings at the end of the year. Another example highlights the rate of return earned on investments.

The tutorial was developed by Charles J. Read, owner of Payroll on a Budget, an online payroll services provider. In addition to running his internet payroll company, Read taught business classes to high school students for several years. He quickly identified a chasm between students’ understanding of basic business math and what they needed to know for future success.

“It didn’t take long to recognize these kids needed a tool that was applicable to their lives that made simple business principles relevant and meaningful,” said Read.

Along with the tutorial is a fanciful analogy illustrating the positive impact of compound interest. Students can clearly see the dollar amount earned build over time.

The tutorial is free and can be found on the company’s website:

In operation since 1991, and Custom Payroll Associates are the outgrowth of RMARK Services, Inc., a financial services company. They currently serve clients in more than 30 states and territories by offering paperless payroll and other small business payroll services. Founder and President Charles J. Read is a CPA and earned his BBA and MBA from the University of North Texas.

Alissa Kaun