You are in Favor of Peace and Democracy in the World, but Nobody Wants to Listen to You

Peace and Democracy Campaign

Warsaw, Poland, October 12, 2006 --( War takes place every day, around the world. The world is a place full of conflict and hatred - we sometimes experience this first-hand ourselves. Many people think, "I support the advancement of peace in the world, however my voice is too faint, political leaders and the VIPs of this world will not listen." But now, you can try to vote on to change this.

The problem of conflict and war is as old as our civilization. Wars took place, they take place and they certainly will take place in the future. Hostility generates further hostility wherever it occurs. It can affect your neighbor from across the street, a man in the bus, or somebody else. Therefore, bringing up young people in a spirit of patriotism, tolerance and respect for their neighbor should be a priority for all parents.

To protest against violence, against intolerance and against all the wars which are fought around the world is the commendable attitude, the attitude of any true patriot.

Of course, it is worthwhile to organize rallies propagating peace, or to engage in humanitarian organizations acting for peace and for the fight against poverty, especially in countries of the Third World. Our every action will certainly cause a positive effect, be it smaller or bigger.

Whoever has the opportunity should diligently inform herself or himself in widely accessible media of all actions taken to propagate peace and democracy in the world. The internet is a widely accepted medium. Since there is universal access to the network, the internet is an excellent  meeting-place for communication.

A short time ago, an idea for the promotion of peace and democracy was conceived. If you are a patriot, vote for peace to show your pride. If you vote, you will be able to place your advertisement banner or button on the site.

Your single voice can become part of the great shout for peace, VOTE FOR

Piotr Murawski