Next Generation IPv6 & Wireless Broadband Summit in Prince William, Virginia

Prince William, VA, October 09, 2006 --( An IPv6 and Wireless Broadband Summit will be held at George Mason University in the Verizon Auditorium located at the Manassas Virginia campus on November 8, 2006 beginning at 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The Summit is a result of efforts by Bryanna Altman, CEO of The Computer Doctor in Prince William, Virginia, who recognized a need for improvements to the technology infrastructure in the county. Said Altman, “We still have pockets of the community that can’t get broadband access because their network is sold out or they won’t make the capital investment to go there”. Altman who serves on the Prince William Regional Chamber Board of Directors and is the Chairman of the Technology and Manufacturing Business Council took action on her own. Today there is a 12 member Wireless Broadband Task Force for Prince William that she chairs. Keith Segerson, Managing Director of the George Mason Enterprise Center is Manassas serves on the Task Force.

Since all Federal Agencies and The Department of Defense will be required to be on the Next Generation Internet IPv6 protocols by 2008, federal contractors, public and private businesses and individuals are welcome to attend.

Confirmed speakers for the Summit are Mark Bayliss CEO of World Airwaves on IPv6, Brian Jenkins Vice President of SkyPilot Networks on Broadband Wireless Mesh Networks and Candidate for Chairman-at-Large of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors Corey Stewart. Microsoft Representatives, Congressman Tom Davis and the FCC.

SkyPilot Networks along with World Airwaves, will build a wireless network in Occoquan, Virginia, a historic Prince William County town outside of Washington, D.C. The network will offer free public Wi-Fi Internet access to tourists, visitors, merchants and area residents on the Next Generation Internet IPv6 and support data, video and VoIP with 128 bit encryption, static IP’s and more.

SkyPilot Networks is the leading provider of carrier-class wireless mesh solutions that enable service providers, municipalities, and public safety agencies to rapidly deploy cost-effective broadband access, voice over IP, public and private Wi-Fi access, video surveillance, and other wireless applications. The SkyPilot solution utilizes a patent-pending synchronous mesh architecture with high-speed switched directional antenna arrays that extends reach, mitigates interference, and maximizes spectral reuse. The result is a highly scalable, reliable, and deterministic mesh network that simplifies design, increases deployment flexibility, and dramatically reduces equipment and operating costs. SkyPilot has proven scalability and reliability with over 15,000 units shipped to more than 200 customers in 40 countries. SkyPilot is a privately held company based in Santa Clara, California.

Mark Bayliss is the founder of Visual Link, which comprises of three company groups. He is CEO of Visual Link Internet, a full service Internet Service Provider, president of Cobalt Racks, an award-winning world class hosting company and he is president of WorldAirwaves, a wireless Internet development group.

Mr. Bayliss has been recognized as a leader in the field of Internet communications. He is also a founding member and director of the Virginia Internet Service Providers Alliance (VISPA) a group that includes AT&T, AOL, and Bell Atlantic. He was a member of the Lucent Technology Open Innovation group, AT&T Wireless Developers group, and has been ask to speak at various times on Internet, E-commerce and Internet Technology. He has spoken at the White House as an advisor to the President's Commission on E-Commerce. He has also spoken as an advisor to ALEC, American Legislation Executive Committee on broadband, before congress on DSL regulation, and an expert witness for the Department of Justice (DOJ) for an Internet broadband antitrust investigation. He has also spoken at 5 ISP-CONs. Recently he has spoken at the McGraw Hill HomeLand Security and Wearable Computer Conference, and the World Futures Society on Cyberization. Mr. Bayliss has been chosen by State Department to train a Russian technology delegation on Internet free enterprise. He has hosted a technology delegation from Hong Kong to discuss a wireless network for China, a HomeLand security project, and has developed wireless technology used in HomeLand Security trials.

Ms. Altman along with several other task force members successfully attracted World Airwaves and SkyPilot Networks to the Town of Occoquan which is in the final stage of deploying IPv6 on a public wireless network. Ms. Altman encourages other counties officials or business leaders within the Commonwealth to attend this event. Said Altman, “Virginia is a Dillon Rules Commonwealth that prevents local government from acting on the deployment of public broadband however it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. Someone just needs to lead the effort outside of local government. Next generation technology is critical for business and economic growth. If our Legislators will follow through with a tax credit for employers willing to allow workers to telework one day a week, then we can ease the traffic congestion, reduce fuel usage, improve are quality and have more time to spend with our family and friends.”

Altman has invested many volunteer hours of her time as a community & business leader activist on this effort. When asked if it is worth it she said, “Absolutely. With network security being an essential part of my companies services we must deal with malicious threats daily. Moving to the IPv6 is essential if we are going to get control over the constant threat of denial of service attacks, data and identity theft, credit card fraud and even more serious criminal activity”.

Advance registration for this event is recommended as seating is limited. Please email and enter IPv6 in the subject line to register.

This event is sponsored by SkyPilot Networks. For more information on SkyPilot and its solutions, contact or visit Special thanks to Congressman Tom Davis.

The Computer Doctor, LLC
Bryanna Altman