Wintec Industries, Inc. Added Educational Software to Latest USB 2.0 Series

Wintec Industries teamed up with to provide educational software via USB 2.0 format for FileMate Academics series.

Milpitas, CA, November 24, 2009 --( Wintec Industries today announced FileMate® to provide educational software via USB 2.0 format. is teaming up with Wintec to provide the educational software behind the FileMate® Academics series. As a leading manufacturer of flash memory devices, Wintec’s release of the FileMate® Academics educational software series provides an exciting opportunity to deliver educational content through a learning conducive device for students, USB 2.0 Flash Drive.

Advantages for users include universal standard connections to computer systems without the need of an optical drive, such as a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. The USB flash drive also acts as a mass storage device that allows users to save Academics exercises and additional user school work and media, directly to the drive. Currently available for retailers, the FileMate® Academics series covers:

• Basic Math: users can choose from 43 standards-based lessons, over 300 interactive quiz questions, 43 skill-building animations, and a searchable database of over 500 key basic math terms.
• Pre-Algebra: with over 60 standards-based lessons, 274 interactive quiz questions, 59 skill-building animations, 195 extra learning modules, and a searchable database of math terms, this software is designed as an interactive tutoring system.
• Algebra 1: lessons are presented in modular sections, which allow the user to choose the order and frequency of subjects to review. Algebra 1 is also a great way to supplement class work and homework lessons from home.
• Grammar: this learning software provides the tools needed to enhance written English skills for school essays and other forms of written communication. Users will engage in English grammar lessons, from simple sentence structure to the complexities of clauses.
• Vocabulary: with this software, users can add their own words to the program, making it a personalized study aid. Additional features provide users over 1500 vocabulary words with definitions, sample sentences and human pronunciation.

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