Publications Offering Assistance for Parents and Professionals Assisting Troubled Teens

A newly updated Low Cost Treatment Programs Reference List, a new Home Values & Home Contract Booklet and the new 2009 - 2010 Advocacy Journal for Placements and Services of Adolescents and Young Adults at Risk-are all now released.

Bend, OR, November 23, 2009 --( The three publications offer assistance for families, parents, or anyone raising a pre-teen or teen.

The Advocacy Journal specifically assists advocates, attorneys, counselors, doctors, health care professionals, school counselors, as well as probation officers to better understand how to help at-risk children and young adults.

It has over 300 pages of information and resources complied by states and offers updated information in a format that is easy to order, easy to download, and easy to use.

The Lost Cost Treatment Program Referral list offers a vast collection of low tuition resources.

Horizon Family Solutions publications, by Dore Frances, is instantly becoming the standard reference for parents and professionals seeking assistance in various capacities.

"Recent Los Angeles Times and Sr. Petersburg Times stories about problems with families affording residential treatment and those looking for resources for those involved in the juvenile justice system highlight the need for these publications," says Dore Frances, Author. "People go on the Internet and find thousands of ads and hundreds of articles about abuse and do not know who to trust. The challenge is that there has not been any definitive guides that explain who to go to for low cost programs, or how to start a family meeting when setting up an in home contract for your pre-teen, or how stated vary differently when placing a child into residential treatment through the juvenile justice system. Until now."

The Internet is booming with programs and schools using marketing and networking to lure parents into false promises about what they may provide for a child or young adult.

There are 1,200,000 pages on Google for Addiction treatment centers, 37,600,000 pages for Boarding schools, 13,200,000 pages for Eating disorder programs, 10,100,000 pages for learning disability schools, just to name a few.

This explosive growth of marketing on the Internet has become problematic, as millions of new users sign on every day without being exposed to the informal rules of the network marketing culture that have evolved over the years.

"I can't imagine how much trouble it would be today to sit for days, even weeks sorting through all the Internet pages looking for help for my child," says Dore Frances, M.A., Author and Therapeutic Consultant. “My intention is to put together publications for families and professionals that are helpful and save time.”

Among the references in the Low Cost Tuition Reference list are programs and schools that offer low cost, no cost and sliding scale tuition's for families that qualify. Added to the 2009-2010 Advocate Journal are such things as - Myths & Facts; Basic Placement Option Information and Descriptions; How to evaluate a program; Placement Referral information; Questions to ask before hospitalization; Financing options; Transportation options; and a Table of Content by State.

Advance reviewers have hailed the publications as a lot of information in very basic ways, and exactly the sort of stuff any parent or professional who does not have the time to travel and see all the hundreds of programs first-hand needs. "Much better to invest in a quickly downloaded and up-to-date publication when time is of the essence than to be taken in by a marketing or sales person working on commission, and someone you will never meet, and being talked into spending many thousands of dollars with a high interest loan, to have your child cared for by people you know nothing about,” says Vincent Terry who was able to place his son in a program by using the Low Cost Tuition Reference list in January of this year.

“My family and I have been using the Home Values Contract booklet since June with our pre-teen twin daughters, and it has been very helpful in keeping track of all our agreements,” states Finn Rich, father in California.

“I was given an advance copy of the 2009-2010 Advocate Journal and have been using it quite frequently when needing to look up references in different states for those children I am assisting. The ease of the online use is tremendous and saves me time,” says Morris Nichols, Advocate in Pennsylvania.

Dore Frances plans to aggressively release several more booklets in 2010 and 2011 – One Size Does Not Fit All; How to Advocate and Get Services for Your Child Who Needs a 505 or IEP Plan and Do No Wrong: Ethics for Advocates, Educational Consultants and Therapeutic Consultants. "My intention is to get as much information out there as possible to families and professionals,” says Dore Frances, M.A.

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