Creating Customer Loyalty, a Real-World Example

A Communications and Planning Project in Minimal Time.

New York, NY, November 24, 2009 --( William Anderson, Jr., a New York-based marketing and sales consultant, released a new outline on how to achieve sales and marketing success with little time and a limited budget. The outline, derived from a recent cross-country trip to a partner conference, provides methods to increase brand recognition while focusing on building lasting relationships with customers and clients.

While there are many different options for setting up, deploying, and managing a sales and marketing campaign, there is one important factor that should be involved in any campaign - open communications.

"The goal to any sales and marketing campaign is to build awareness, trust, and a discussion with your clients and customers," said William Anderson, Jr. "The idea behind this goal is to create a relationship that is enforced with communications - what I like to call 'open communications'. By focusing on communication, the end goal shifts from a singular conversation or purchase to a longer-term relationship."

The published outline provides marketing professionals an outline of the steps needed to create a successful campaign in a limited amount of time. Fundamentally, this was an exercise in communications and time management. However, it was pitched as a sales and marketing outreach initiative intended to accomplish the following goals:

+ A direct marketing push to those clients in specific geographical areas
+ A direct sales opportunity to clients needing additional services and products
+ A direct marketing opportunity to introduce company to potential clients
+ A direct sales opportunity to introduce services and products to potential clients

Once established, this type of campaign should not be limited to singular events. Rather, by focusing on local businesses and contacts, a monthly outreach program can be built to enhance your sales and marketing goals.

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