Pen Pals for the Orphans in Kenya

Gail Cavanaugh's Business Solutions and Prospering Christians are sponsoring Children's Christmas Gala to assign local pen pals to the orphans in Kenya. This will help our children and the Kenyan children in developing their writing skills.

Newport, RI, November 25, 2009 --( A Children's Gala will be held at the Martin Recreation Center, 35 Golden Hill Street, Newport, Rhode Island 02840 on December 13, 2009 from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm.. Children will be writing letters to pen pals who live in orphanages in Kenya and participate in other activities.

Children will have an opportunity to make Christmas angels, decorate cookies, and sing Christmas carols, as well as to connect with pen pals in Kitale, Kenya. The orphans are members of the church ministry of Apostle George Morara Osarigo, River of Revival Ministeries, which supports over 200 orphans and the SIMA Community Based Organization in Kitale, Kenya, headed by Johnstone Sikulu, Wajala, which supports over 100 orphans. Johnstone Sikulu Wajala and Apostle George Morara Osarigo are making the Face Book social network aware of their efforts through their groups.

Kenya has the largest population of children under the age of fifteen years old with the HIV/AIDS virus in the world. Since the government does not pay for schooling for the children and many have been orphaned as a result of losing their parents to the HIV/AIDS virus, having a pen pal is a way to help them and local children to develop writing skillls as well as to learn about other cultures. Organizations such as SIMA and Apostle George Morara Osarigo's River of Revival Ministeries are trying to find ways of caring for the children.

Gail Cavanaugh, a former ESL Instructor at the Community College of Rhode Island, became interested in the Kenyan orphans through Apostle George's group, Save the Orphans and Widows Group on Face Book where she met both Apostle George and Johnstone, Sikulu Wajala. Food, shelter, and clothing are scarce in this country because of the magnitude of the effect of the HIV/AIDS virus. Feeling there was a need to solicit the support of the American people, she made the other group members aware of the problem in Kenya. Many members of the group, imcluding pastors, are busy trying to get support to the Kenyans.

This is the second time that Gail Cavanaugh has offered to extend help and solict the support of the community on behalf of impoversihed groups. She tried to organize a food drive for the homeless in 2004. She is confident that the generosity of the people in this area will help make this event a success. She is soliciting the help of a few major corporations as well.

Parents can opt to sponsor an orphan for $30.00 per month. Follow up meetings will be planned to encourage the children to keep writing in this free pen pal program. Apostle George says, "I am rejoicing with you for all . Accept our most sincere appreciations on behalf of the Orphans And Widows Here In Kenya."

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