New Study Reveals America's Internet Sex Habits

Author of new book goes undercover to discover how American’s use internet “hook up” sites. This book provides an in depth look at who is using these sites, what they are looking for and the strategies they use to get it.

Fort Collins, CO, November 25, 2009 --( Grace Creek Press announces the release of its first ebook, Axel Redsuns “The Sex Seeker’s Guide to the Internet”. In a first of its kind book, Redsuns provides an inside look at internet sex sites, where American’s post profiles in order to “hook up” for casual sex. Unlike other books on the subject that provide a review of such sites, Redsuns truly stepped inside that world by posting hundreds of profiles and watching to see who responded.

Redsuns provides a comprehensive look at the world of internet hook-ups. A classically trained scientific researcher, Redsuns’ study is exquisitly detailed and controlled, rather than a collection of anecdotes. The study pulled data from thousands of real site users spread across America to provide real insight into internet sex trends. Luckily, Redsuns also peppers the book with funny anecdotes and tips from successful site users to bring the subject matter to life.

In topics ranging from single men and women, swingers, homosexuals and race relations, Redsuns delivers the most thought provoking look at sex and the internet ever assembled. In each chapter Redsuns presents various online personalities that were created based upon profile types observed in real site users. The response was then monitored to determine what sort of profile is the most “attactive”. Redsuns also interviewed highly successful site users to provide “Tips from the Pros”.

About one-hundred pages of “The Sex Seeker’s Guide to the Internet” is available absolutely free as a downloadable PDF file, found at The full length version is also available by email delivery for a small fee or free with the order of a Grace Creek Press print book. Axel Redsuns’ answers questions about the book and the research at

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