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Ballantine Features SourceMedia's American Banker in Direct Marketing Case Study

American Banker's successful test of a faux label was recently featured in Ballantine's monthly direct mail newsletter.

Wayne, NJ, October 07, 2006 --( The Ballantine Corporation's September 2006 issue of their Sample of the Month newsletter featured American Banker's successful test of a #10 direct mail package with a faux label. Ballantine's newsletter is a monthly online publication that showcases direct mail projects they produce for clients with samples, strategies and results.

More information on their newsletter, including a free white paper, can be found at:

This issue featuring SourceMedia's American Banker talks about how they were using a #10 package with a window and no branding on the outer, a 2 color order form and BRE. They then tested the same package, but with a slightly redesigned order form, closed outer and a label - one with a real label and one with a faux label - both containing the American Banker logo.

According to Lou Cassetta, Director of Marketing for SourceMedia, "We wanted to capitalize on the American Banker brand equity. We did so by including an actual label with the AB logo on the outer and then, to cut down on costs, had the outer designed with a realistic-looking faux label."

The response according to Mr. Cassetta was very positive. The redesign with the real label lifted response by 15% and the faux label lifted response by 17% (plus it was less expensive to produce).

To read this newsletter in full including samples of the mail pieces discussed, please visit:

About SourceMedia:

SourceMedia provides market information, including news, analysis, and insight to the financial services and related industries such as accounting and technology, through its publications, industry-standard data applications, seminars and conferences.

American Banker has provided vital information to banking and financial services professionals since 1835. American Banker speaks directly to the interests of large and small institutions, including not just traditional commercial bankers, but investment and insurance professionals, as well as a growing group of less conventional players.

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