Wave Energy Drink Debuts New Can Designs

16 oz. Wave Energy Drink and Sugar-Free Wave Energy Drink Cans Get Simplified Look

Mooresville, NC, November 26, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Wave Energy Drink, of Mooresville, NC, has completed the first re-design of their 16 oz. beverage cans, launching the new design earlier this week. The look represents a sleeker and more streamlined look.

Gone are the lightly colored background “bubbles”, which represented the reduced carbonation present in Wave Energy Drink. In its place are both a dark blue (for regular) and light blue (for sugar-free) background with the prominently displayed Wave Energy Drink logo emblazoned proudly on the side.

The can re-design was handled by the award-winning BooneOakley Ad Agency, of Charlotte, NC. BooneOakley was recently named the Southeast 2009 Small Agency of the Year, by Advertising Age Magazine.

Phil Smith, President of BooneOakley, commented on the newly-minted cans. “We worked closely with the Wave team to ensure the re-design would stand out where it really mattered, at the point-of-sale. To that end, we conducted research with prospective customers to test 3 different can designs, and we learned that this design increased purchase intent by a margin of 3:1 versus the other options. We are truly excited to see the new design out there in stores and in customers’ hands.” he added.

Wave Energy Drink VP of Marketing Jason Wolter was among those impressed with the updated version of their beverage cans. “I also have a pretty strong background in graphic design and I completely agree with the direction taken here for the redesign. It’s simple and uncluttered and we are dealing with a cluttered landscape of competitors. We needed to stand out above all else and this redesign is a big step forward in addressing that issue,” he added.

Look for the redesigned Wave Energy Drink cans at convenience stores, grocery chains, bars and restaurants near you.


About Wave Energy Drink:
Founded in 2008, Wave Energy Drink was created to provide consumers with the best-tasting energy drink on the market today. Created with a lowered caffeine content and higher balance of B-vitamins, Wave Energy Drinks provide a natural active stimulant which is both a healthier and safer source of energy than the competition. Available in regular and sugar-free varieties, 16 oz. singles and family packs of Wave Energy Drinks are sold in convenience stores, grocery chains, restaurants, bars, drug stores and coffee shops. Wave Energy Drink is also heavily involved in sports marketing, sponsoring two NASCAR teams, a Professional Angler and a touring band for its promotional event tours. Wave Energy Drink is headquartered in Mooresville, NC.
Wave Energy Drink
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