Sending Messages to Ships Made Easier by

Since today, there is a website specially for sending congratulations and other telegrams to ships at sea.

Washington, DC, November 27, 2009 --( Many people who stay onboard a ship, whether in the Navy or sailing on a cruise, need to be contacted to congratulate them with their birthday, or people at home want to tell them something important in writing.

E-mail or sms simply won’t do, not just because it’s hard to reach someone at sea these ways, but also because the impression the sender wants to make is much much bigger than can be achieved with an sms or e-mail. A telegram really stands out from other forms of communications. expects to have a few dozen messages per day in the beginning.

“It is not such a big volume service, but then again, telegrams must remain special to receive and to send,” TelegramToShip spokesman Rob van Hoof says.

“Messages are transmitted via telex by satellite, and we have a virtually all ships’ contact details in our database. The sender does not need to know the whereabouts of the ship, nor the telex number. If we cannot reach the ship, we will refund the money except for a part to cover for our time and effort spent.”

The site is owned by UTS, a Swiss based company that owns and operates the official telegram services of more than 40 countries, amongst these the UK, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Austria. UTS exploits several telegram websites, such as,,,,,

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Rob van Hoof
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