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J. Eggers & Associates announced securities based lending program allowing clients to tap their publicly traded stocks, bonds, options and mutual funds for up to 85% of the portfolio value.

Cape Coral, FL, November 29, 2009 --( A Cape Coral based financial firm today announced their new Stock Loan and their family of securities-backed loan services featuring loans wherein the securities are pledged as collateral for the loan with below market fixed rates. Unlike a margin loan, the loan cannot be called if the stocks go down in value. The securities pledged are managed by a major U.S. Holding company and the exact amount of shares returned to the borrower when the loan is paid back.

J. Eggers & Associates is a six-year-old financial firm offering Stock Loans or Securities Based Loans. It offers a feature-rich loan program exclusive to its private U.S. and overseas clients. The new Securities Based Lending Program will be the sole securities loan program for the company effective immediately. Several years in the making, the Stock Loan has a built in response to requests by clients over years for features that until now had been unavailable in one program.

"Our Stock Loan is structured and designed with the current U.S. financial climate in mind", said J. Eggers & Associates president and founder Jim Eggers today. “It is a safe way of tapping the asset for short term needs while protecting the asset for long term gains, retirement, etc. When you pay the loan off, the lien is released”, Eggers noted.

Policymakers have asked the private sector to help get cash moving again in an otherwise down economy. "With our Stock Loan, we like to think we're doing our part", Eggers noted.

The program accepts publicly traded stocks, bonds, and mutual funds of all types. The stock must be free-trading without restrictions. The rates and terms will depend on the strength of the asset, so Treasury Bonds will get a better deal than Stocks and Blue Chip Stocks will get a better deal than some other stocks. Rates will generally be between 2.5% and 4.5% or so – interest only for 2-10 years. “That is some of the cheapest money available”, says Eggers.

The Stock Loan allows someone to get money at incredible low rates with no verification of income, credit, etc. The true Non-Recourse loan is also a Non-Purpose loan which opens the doors to borrowers in the Commercial and Residential real estate arenas. “We’ve even seen yacht buyers use the loan as a Yacht Financing Option to traditional marine lending”, adds Eggers.

The company expects their Stock Loan to be especially attractive to real estate investors who have faced obstacles in locating suitable financing even as real estate bargains abound.

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