QualiCare Maids in Charlotte, NC-Helping Homeless for Christmas

QualiCare Maids is Donating 10% of All Christmas Maid Service Gift Certificates That Are Sold Between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2009, to Help Needy Single Mothers and Their Children at Charlotte Emergency Housing in Charlotte, NC.

Charlotte, NC, November 29, 2009 --(PR.com)-- QualiCare Maids is the most popular and most widely used independently owned maid cleaning service in North Carolina, that boast higher ratings and consumer reviews than many franchise cleaning services because of their affordable Total Cleaning Program, attention to detail, friendly well trained staff, professional quality work, and their commitment to serving customers with nothing less than excellence.

This holiday season, QualiCare Maids will continue its noble efforts to gather donations of toys, clothing, food, money, and volunteers, to help homeless single mothers and their children at the Charlotte Emergency Housing Complex, located at 2410 The Plaza, Charlotte, NC 28205.

QualiCare will also donate 10% of all profits that come from customers buying maid service gift certificates from Thanksgiving to Christmas, in addition to requesting that citizens and business owners join this worthy cause to help the needy this holiday season.

Mr. Nixon, General Manager of QualiCare, said” I have family members and employees that will be foregoing receiving any Christmas gifts from friends and family, and have asked that friends and family donate to help the homeless women and children, instead of giving them a gift this year,” and my company is asking all citizens and business owners in Mecklenburg County to have a heart this year and make a needy family happy, you would not believe how a small toy, a good meal, and a piece of new clothing can really bring a smile to a child’s face, that may otherwise have to go without a gift of love this holiday season, while so many Other people celebrate and share gifts with their friends and family.”

QualiCare has been an advocate for the homeless citizens of North Carolina for four years, and have helped homeless citizens in both Fayetteville and Charlotte receive gifts of food, money, clothing, and toys, through soliciting donations from business owners and families in these two cities, and as a result, QualiCare has been blessed with a profitable company that continues to grow in both popularity and new customers, and the reason could be that QualiCare has always put people first.

To support this worthy cause you may purchase a maid cleaning gift certificate, or you may either contact The Charlotte Emergency Housing at (704) 335-5488, or you can contact QualiCare Maids at the contact information below
Charlotte/ Waxhaw Office: (704) 625-2330

QualiCare Commercial Cleaning
Greg Nixon/ General Manager