Negative Ion Clothing Improve Your Health

Negative Ions Healthy Apparels Cleanse Blood, Adjust Nervous System, Activate Cell Metabilism, and Improve Health

Irvine, CA, October 10, 2006 --( Ions are electrically charged particles caused by the gain of one or more electrons (called positive ions), or the loss of one or more electrons (called negative ions). Negative ions are abundant in mountains and forests, since all plants give off some negative ions. Negative Ions can also be generated by lightning, ocean surf and waterfalls, or even by rubbing two different materials against each other due to the fact that different materials have different capabilities to gain electrons from the materials they have contact with. Many scientific studies have been conducted over the years showing that negative ions are beneficial to human body and can improve human health.

Negative Ion Healthy Clothing are truly innovative products that have the unique capability of gaining electrons to make themselves negatively charged. Different from traditional negative ions generators, this products supply negative ions to your body closely and continuously while you are working, sleeping or walking. They can significantly activate cells' metabolism, accelerate energy flow in the body, adjust the nervous system, cleanse blood, and improve your health.

Negative ions knee supporters, elbow supporters, ankle supporters and waist supporters are excellent in easing joint pains or body ache. The negative ions bed sheets or blankets are excellent in reducing sleep disorders or insomnia, depression. The negative ion scarfs or shawls are very effective in fighting asthma, allergy. Besides negative ions benefit, These negative ion clothings also have superior heat insulation that can keep your body warm in very cold weather without dress to many layers; great permeability to keep your body dry and stay out of moisture, and excellent fire resistance. All these features combined together make the teviron negative ion clothings the most wonderful products in the world. To know more info, please visit web:

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