Exciting New Treatments for Heel and Arch Pain

Dr. Gary Evans, a NYC Podiatrist, has been having excellent success in resolving heel and arch pain with non invasive treatments.

New York, NY, December 07, 2009 --(PR.com)-- " Heel and arch pain are one of the most common complaints I see," states Gary Evans DPM. While conservative care such as proper stretching and Custom Orthotics are very effective for treatment, there is a new treatment which is Non invasive and has shown excellent success.

As Dr. Evans explains, "The most common cause of heel and arch pain is plantar fasciits. Which is pain coming from the fascia, or structure, that basically holds up your arch. In actually, when the pain is chronic it is not a true inflammation of the involved fascia but a degeneration of the fascia. ESWT, or Extra Corporeal High Frequency Shockwave Treatment is a non invasive, very effective treatment. In simple terms the application of the shockwaves, through the skin, stimulates the tissue to actually heal with new collagen production." This procedure is Non invasive with little to no downtime from work. Dr. Evans has performed this procedure with excellent success. One treatment has shown to have an 80% success rate.

Dr. Evans is one of few NYC Podiatrists to offer this treatment in his office. This treatment is successful for runners and everyday people.

Gary Evans D.P.M.
Dr. Evans