Customers of ELEKS Software Healthcare Solutions Can Move to Microsoft Windows 7 with Confidence

“Doctor Eleks,” ELEKS Software’s Medical Information System, passes Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 logo testing and certification.

Boston, MA, December 09, 2009 --( ELEKS Software, a global software services provider, announced today that “Doctor Eleks” - its Medical Information System, has passed Windows 7 logo testing and thus earns it the ‘Compatible with Windows 7’ logo.

“We were all waiting impatiently for the release of Microsoft Windows 7”, said Peter Konovalov, Business Director of ELEKS Software. “Our product development team carried out extensive internal testing to ensure the full compatibility of Doctor ELEKS medical information system with both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 platforms. We are happy that Doctor Eleks users can now enjoy the system on the Microsoft’s newest operating systems platforms.”

ELEKS Software has been delivering data management solutions for the healthcare industry since 1996. Its core software solution, developed specifically for the Ukrainian healthcare market, Doctor Eleks automates all aspects of patient management and is used in small-scale doctor’s offices, mid-sized clinics and large hospitals. The system eliminates paperwork, so physicians can concentrate more on caring for their patients and less on entering and storing data manually. Both physicians and their clients can each access specific medical records through a secure web-based portal, as determined appropriate by an administrator.

Designed to support specific workflows, the Doctor Eleks system integrates innovative technology to create highly customizable physician examination templates covering almost all specialties including family practice, cardiology, gastroenterology, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, dermatology and many other. The system integrates with a variety of electronic medical devices that support the “Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine” (DICOM) standard. The built-in “Picture Archiving and Communication System” (PACS) module allows the storing and processing of video and graphic images captured by diagnostic equipment, such as ultrasound, colposcopes, endoscopes and CAT scanners.

The “Electronic Medical Record” (EMR) is the core module of the system. However, the system functionality extends far beyond being a simple input and reference tool. The system enables physicians and other healthcare professionals to gain instant access to every medical record in the system. Doctor Eleks additionally allows the sharing of discrete medical data, such as laboratory or test results, history of patient medication and more by leveraging the “Health Level 7” (HL7) international standard for the exchange, integration and sharing and retrieval of electronic health information between various hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare institutions.

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