Real Estate Investors Discover Magic of Self-Directed IRA’s

As the Mortgage Market Becomes Tight for Real Estate Investors IRA Funds Are a Plenty.

Mooresville, NC, December 09, 2009 --( Get Real, The Real Estate Investing Show for the Rest of Us interviewed Todd Senff from Equity Trust Company this week. Equity Trust provides third party custodial duties for investors who would like to use their IRA retirement funds for everything from real estate assets, new entities and the traditional equity investment options.

Todd explained that there are many benefits to investing in real estate by utilizing a self directed IRA. Under IRS regulations investors may invest qualified retirement funds in real estate and other entities. The profits from these transactions then are tax deferred in the same way that all other proceeds from investments are protected, as Todd explained.

Mr. Senff went on to explain that one of the major benefits of utilizing self-directed IRA funds is that investors and realtors can partner with private investors who have these funds to assist them in gaining quality returns on their retirement monies, backed by a real estate asset. Todd shared that there are billions of dollars sitting in private IRA’s throughout the US and real estate investors can work with friends, family members and business partners.

Get Real invited Mr. Senff on the show to talk about funding real estate with self-directed IRA’s as the mortgage market has tightened for real estate investors and finding financing for investment properties can be difficult. Even as the real estate market is hitting record lows signaling an ever increasing attractiveness to buying long term investment homes.

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