BON Marketing Eliminates the Risk in Online Marketing with BON Reporting

Bon reporting and ticker technology is the first online reporting solution that allows advertisers to know exactly how much money they are spending, where they are spending it and their real time ROI.

BON Marketing Eliminates the Risk in Online Marketing with BON Reporting
Beverly Hills, CA, October 11, 2006 --( BON Marketing Group has announced the launch of BON Reporting with patent pending BON Ticker – allowing advertisers to see how much money is spent and made on a particular search engine or marketing campaign. Scrolling in a stock ticker fashion – advertisers can see their clicks and conversions, amount spent and amount made – real time… with only one login required.

“BON Ticker and BON reporting will revolutionize how the direct response advertiser monetizes their search and marketing endeavors,” says Kelly O’Shea, President and co-founder of BON Marketing.

Irena Besic, CEO of BON Marketing states that the internet “now has a true one stop shop for real time reporting.”

The revolution has begun – and you can be part of it at or – Feel free to contact Irena Besic or Kelly O’Shea directly at

BON Marketing Group, Inc is an online advertising agency based in Beverly Hills, CA. They specialize in results oriented online advertising. As a full service online advertising agency BON Marketing offers online advertising priced on a CPM, CPC, CPL and CPA basis, depending on clients set requirements. Their relationships span multiple search engines, web portals, CanSpam compliant email publishers, ad networks, in addition to their own proprietary network of almost 1000 sites, which is scheduled to launch in March of 2006.

Founded by Irena Besic and Kelly OShea in 2002, BON Marketing cut their teeth helping and improving media buys for direct response advertisers on the web. The internet continues to evolve and their experience has taught them many lessons that they carry with them, educating both employees and clients alike.

BON Marketing Group, Inc believes that both life and business are based heavily on chance. Opportunity, favors the prepared person - BON Marketing alleviates the risk while maximizing the opportunities at hand. Online advertising is not an exact science which is why advertisers need an agency they can trust and learn from, making BON Marketing Group a perfect fit. This is our business This is our livelihood.

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