India to Host the 20th World Congress on Cardio-Thoracic Surgery

Frontier Mediville to play host to the luminaries of cardiothoracic surgery from all over the world along with students, clinicians and scientists active in this field. Dr. K. M. Cherian, Chairman & CEO, Frontier Lifeline & Dr. K. M. Cherian Heart Foundation elected as Congress President

Chennai, India, December 12, 2009 --( Dr. K. M. Cherian’s Frontier Lifeline Hospital will play host to the 20th World Congress on Cardio-Thoracic Surgery to be held on October 20 - 23, 2010. The World Congress conducted by the World Society of Cardio Thoracic Surgeons (WSCTS) is a time honored and highly prestigious international scientific event. This annual conference witnesses the august presence and didactic participation of the best minds in the exacting science of cardiothoracic surgery. It provides a worldwide forum for presentations and discussions on the latest findings and techniques in this delicate branch of surgery.

Every year the WSCTS Executive Committee proposes and puts to vote the country which would play host to the subsequent World Congress. This year’s the city’s very own Dr. K. M. Cherian’s Frontier Lifeline Hospital will be doing the honours and Dr. K. M. Cherian has been elected as Congress President. The 6th Global forum on Humanitarian Medicine in Cardiology and cardiac surgery will be hosted along with the World Congress.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Cherian said, “This is indeed a proud moment for us as our country has been designated as the venue for the World Congress of the World Society of Cardio-thoracic Surgeons for the year 2010. This privilege will witness India playing host to the luminaries of cardiothoracic surgery from all over the world along with students, clinicians and scientists active in this field. It will serve to highlight India’s contributions to this field and provide an ideal and rare opportunity for enthusiastic students and young surgeons to meet and interact with pioneers and noted surgeons whom they would have only heard or read about. Frontier Lifeline looks forward to elevating India as an active player in this highly specialised field and is privileged by this honor.”

The venue for the two mega scientific events will be Frontier Mediville, located at Elavur village, near Chennai. Both these events aim to offer an insight into the newer advances in cardiac surgery, cardiology, basic sciences and humanitarian pediatric cardiac care.

About Frontier Mediville

Frontier Mediville is a 350 acre bio city including an SEZ, on the NH 5 near Gummidipundi, a joint venture with TIDCO. It is a completely green project with a rural background, with proper energy utilization and waste management. Due emphasis on research and basic sciences would be given to focus on a world class bio park. As has been brought out earlier, a 1000 bedded bio hospital, a medical college, a herbarium, a research facility and a world class convention hall are planned here. These facilities will require the best available communications world wide in order to meet the growing dependence on the world wide web and telecommunications. No communication towers are planned in Mediville in order to preserve the ecological balance.

About Dr. K. M. Cherian’s Frontier Lifeline Hospita

Dr. K. M. Cherian’s Frontier Lifeline Hospital is a hospital that believes in human ethics, transparency & quality cardiac care with international standards. Frontier Lifeline offers amenities in cardiac diagnosis, treatment, research and education at a reasonable cost with round-the-clock individual care. With ‘Service before Self’ as a guiding motto, the hospital has a spectrum of a skilled team comprising of sincere and dedicated doctors, cardiac surgeons, nurses and paramedical staff. Applying advanced technology, the latest equipment, progressive healthcare and research, new avenues open out a kaleidoscope of life-saving and cost effective solutions to numerous heart diseases.

Covering every aspect of heart care, Frontier Lifeline runs the gamut of cardiac care with cardiothoracic surgery, Adult cardiology, Pediatric cardiology, Cardiac anesthesiology, Transfusion medicine and a dedicated teaching faculty.

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