Red Ribbon HIV Health Manager iPhone App Released by CSI - Medication Adherence and Medication Reminders for HIV/AIDS Patients

Communication Software, Inc. (CSI) is proud to announce its newest iPhone application, Red Ribbon, HIV/AIDS Health Manager. This mobile health application is a secure HIV Health Manager and PHR which features text/SMS medication reminders. Red Ribbon is the fifth smartphone health application released by CSI in 2009.

Portland, OR, December 12, 2009 --( The CSI iPhone product, Red Ribbon, HIV Health Manager provides a positive environment and reinforcement tools for HIV Medication Adherence treatment programs such as HAART. The consumer can store and organize their Medications, Immunizations, Problems, Lab/Test Results, Allergy and Insurance information. Red Ribbon manages individual or family's Personal Health Record (PHR) information. Red Ribbon provides medication adherence features through a robust medication reminders system. Other features address HIV-positive health, wellness, and privacy concerns.

Red Ribbon provides an ICE (In Case of Emergency) feature that provides “First Responders” contact and medical information which can be viewed without a password.

Red Ribbon PHR manager is in alignment with the ONC PHR benefits including content, security, interoperability, standards, and accessibility. Red Ribbon does not need a cell/Internet connection to access your potentially life saving information which is stored on the phone. This solves accessibility issues that exist in regions without Internet or Cell coverage, many are within 10 miles of urban neighborhoods.

The following CSI product roadmap assists the consumer to take charge of their wellness:

* Information exchange with Microsoft HealthVault

* Observations of Daily Living (ODL)

* Pain Management

CSI apps include Red Ribbon, HIV Health Manager application retail price $14.99, MotionPHR $9.99, MotionPHR Lite $3.99, motionTravelMate $4.99 for the iPhone and Android app myMobileMedBox for 5.99.

Communication Software, Inc.
Marie Brandt

Red Ribbon, HIV/AIDS Health Manager helps you stay healthier