Cache~Cachet’s Covertures Offer Luxurious Protection for Fine Garments

Cache~Cachet’s stylish new covertures protect garments from dust and moths, snags and wrinkles.

Los Angeles, CA, December 17, 2009 --( Garment bags are now as stylish as they are functional with Cache~Cachet’s new covertures. Cache~Cachet is the first company in the closet and travel accessory industry to design luxurious, yet practical garment bags. In light of the current economic slump, protecting your valuables is even more important. For this reason, in spring 2010, Cache~Cachet launched their new elegant garment covertures, which are perfect for traveling as well as protecting the fine knits and silks kept in your closet.

With sweater season already upon us, it is necessary to properly care for your knits, which can stretch and elongate over time if hung. Cache~Cachet’s covertures not only look beautiful in your closet, they keep it organized and deter damage to your clothes caused by dust and moths. The secret moth-deterrent is a sachet with six organic and wildcrafted herbs that can be found in a hidden pocket at the base of the garment bag. The aroma is fresh and pleasant and unlike other remedies, such as mothballs, these herbal sachets are non-toxic. According to Cache~Cachet founder, Rosemary Crites, “Moth damage is expensive and devastating.” You may spend $300 on a garment, but if a moth attacks your garment it will cost you $40 per hole to repair the damage.” The sachet should be replaced annually and can be ordered on the website

Cache~Cachet’s covertures are a luxurious way to organize and protect your valued garments and heirlooms in your home. When traveling it is important to pack your delicate garments in covertures for safe keeping. The covertures will protect your garments from snags and excessive wrinkles. The covertures come in two sizes and are designed with an elegant blended polyester and cotton sateen fabric and lined with silky-smooth satin, making them easy to clean using cold water. The small coverture is ideal for storing and protecting up to two sweaters, knit accessories and lingerie. The large coverture is the ultimate storage solution for knit coordinates, knit dresses, jackets, blankets, several large cashmere throws and knitting projects. Garments can be viewed through the convenient see-through ribbon of plastic.

About Cache~Cachet: Founder Rosemary Crites established Cache~Cachet in the Fall 2009 with the goal of enlightening people on how to take care of what they value. Cache literally means “storage or hiding place”; cachet means “luxurious or precious.” Coverture is a French word (kuv’ar char) meaning cover, hence the line of Cache~Cachet covertures were born. With the Cache~Cachet covertures, users can be sure that their treasured items are well cared for with Cache~Cachet’s high-end storage bags. Cache~Cachet delivers fashionable garment covertures with everyday functionality. Cache~Cachet covertures retail from $39 for the small coverture, $49 for large the coverture and sets start at $79. Cache~Cachet is available for purchase at

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