EMP Announces: Dr. Kevin Markowski Recognized for Excellence in Trauma Care

Kevin Markowski, MD, recognized with C.T. Thompson M.D. Award for Excellence in Trauma Care 2009

Canton, OH, August 16, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Kevin Markowski, MD has been recognized for outstanding achievement from Saint Francis Hospital, Tulsa, for his involvement with saving the life of a trauma patient. The C. T. Thompson Award for Excellence in Trauma Care is given to those individuals who contributed to the care of a patient whose case exemplifies the skill, dedication, compassion and teamwork which is trauma care at its best.

The award, inaugurated in 2002, is named for Dr. C. T. Thompson whose dedication to his patients, to trauma care, and to Saint Francis Hospital has served as an inspiration to a generation of trauma care providers here and across the nation. The award is given annually by the Saint Francis Hospital Trauma Institute. A patient is selected who was felt to have very significant injury and whom the trauma surgeons and clinicians feel would not have survived had the system not worked nearly perfectly. The goal of the award is to recognize everyone at every point of care who made a real difference for the patient - from law enforcement (usually the first on the scene), EMS, ED, surgeons, surgery, ICU, IR,etc etc, all the way through rehab, and then finally the patient's family is recognized for their contribution to the patients recovery as well. It is always impressive to see the numbers and variety of skills represented by the award recipients recognizing that every one of them had the opportunity to do the right thing for that patient, and had to have done so for the patient to have survived.

The patient we recognized this year is a young lady who had bi-ventricular laceration and in reality statistically should have died. She was able to attend the award ceremony with her husband and beautiful little children, and has Dr. Markowski and the rest of the trauma team to thank for the fact she is still with them.

The award was inspired by Dr. C.T. Thompson who early in his surgical career recognized the need for specialized care for patients suffering serious injury. At the time few surgeons and fewer hospitals had chosen to endeavor to provide optimal specialized care for trauma's victims. Dr. Thompson was instrumental in developing Saint Francis Hospital as a regional resource for specialized trauma care and in fostering the American College of Surgeons commitment to improving trauma care nationally. Dr. Thompson served as the first national chair of the ACS Committee on Trauma, helped to initiate the Advanced Trauma Life Support educational program for physicians and worked to identify and establish standards for hospitals participating in the care of trauma patients. Now retired from his surgical practice, Dr. Thompson remains a man of wisdom and compassion and an inspiration to those who were fortunate to work with him.

This year Saint Francis Hospital is pleased to recognize excellence in the care provided to a special trauma patient by naming Dr. Kevin Markowski as a recipient of the C. T. Thompson Award. Congratulations!

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