The Orange Planet Expands Personal Training Personnel

T.O.P. Athletic Club expands personal training services by hiring Todd Southwick who holds a B.S. in sports medicine.

Des Moines, IA, January 02, 2010 --( The Orange Planet is witnessing growth in personal and small group training services. To facilitate the growth, the club hires Todd Southwick, who will act as lead trainer under the leadership of Tim Ives, Director of Training.

Southwick joins the team with years of proven experience getting clients results. Southwick has an earned bachelor’s degree in sports medicine from the University of Southern Maine where he was the captain and member of the Division III World series team. Southwick was a dedicated scholar athlete and top producer in previous fitness organizations.

The Orange Planet has always held to its philosophy that degreed and experienced trainers are better equipped to get their clients the results that they need. Tim Ives, who himself holds a degree in Exercise Science, has a very good track record of training hundreds of clients in the past seven years. Ives is thrilled to find such a quality person with a solid background such as Southwick offers.

Charleston and Ives knew from the start Southwick was a fit into their organization due to Southwick’s experience in professional services and training a wide variety of clients. “Southwick has a philosophy that mirror’s ours. He is a great fit for our clients and will help take our club to the next level in training services,” said Charleston. The addition is necessary to handle the clubs growing clientele. “We are beginning to see many new clients and I don’t want to turn down anyone who desires to make life changes. We are changing people’s lives here and I believe Southwick is a great addition to help us continue that tradition,” said Ives.

The Orange Planet teaches and trains individuals and groups from first grade all the way to adults. They serve the community as an athletic club, but started their organization specializing in personal and small group training in health and hoops. Their almost 30,000 sq. ft. facility is easy to find just off Hwy 5 in Pleasant Hill, IA. Complete information regarding their services is available on the company’s website.

The Orange Planet Athletic Club
David Charleston