New Designs of Ceramic Pocket Knives

A new entry into the high tech production of ceramic pocket knives. Boker is the leading supplier of ceramic folding knives at premium prices. Flint knives now introduces two small ceramic pocket knives starting at under $30.00

Waterloo, Canada, October 15, 2006 --( has introduced two new ceramic pocket knives starting at under $30.00.  These new designs use black ceramic blades in all stainless steel frames.  Completely rustfree and light enough to carry in your pocket

Boker Knives of Germany offers several ceramic pocket knives and Kyocera has one small ceramic folding knife.   They are the  only other existing suppliers that I could locate for folding ceramic knives.

Ceramic blades will remain sharp for ten times the cutting time that steel blades will.  The extreme hardness does make the blades less elastic than steel so prying or knocking against hard objects can chip the blades.  For pocket use these ceramic folding knives do offer a sharp edge when needed in everyday life.

Ceramic knives have become quite popular for kitchen use over the past several years. Designing and producing ceramic pocket knives did present some difficulty in blade design and fit.  Distribution will be through the internet and is keeping the prices well below existing competition.

Philip Cressman, knife designer and owner of company has had considerable sucess in on-line sales into niche markets and expects that the ceramic pocket knives will prove attractive for fishing and hunting activities as well as day to day use as a folding pocket knife.

Phil Cressman
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