Unitek Education Announces Stratos Learning, a New Cloud-Computing Division

Fremont, CA, January 04, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Unitek Education, a leader in high-tech computer training, announced their new cloud-computing division, Stratos Learning. This new division provides various training opportunities for those who seek education on cloud computing. Classes are currently offered at the Fremont California location and in a live online format and are of interest to those in the IT and technical fields.

“We are excited to offer this new division, where people can receive basic to advanced training and support on cloud computing,” explained Navraj Bawa, executive vice president of Stratos Learning. “Once people realize how useful cloud computing is, they can take that information and really use it to their company’s advantage.”

The division is offering four structured training programs, with each program focusing on specific areas of cloud computing:

Fundamentals, deployment training, architecture training, and a comprehensive combo course encompassing all of these areas.

Stratos Learning partnered with Hyperstratus, who are experts in new technology, in order to provide exclusive opportunities taught by some of the most qualified and advanced leaders in the field. In addition to the training programs, free webinars are also offered, which covers cloud-based development and information on the benefits of cloud computing such as it is green, fast and reduces costs.

“People who learn about cloud computing are finding out just how important it is,” added Bawa. “When you have something that offers a lower cost, and is faster and greener, it makes sense to place a focus on receiving proper training so you can leverage it to its fullest capacity.”

This ongoing interest and subsequent need for Cloud-Training was supported by an article recently published buy InfoWorld [12/7/09] titled “Need a job in IT? ..The cloud needs you”. The article details the “shortage of qualified IT Cloud personnel” within the IT world. It states that the salaries of cloud computing experts will be driven up significantly as too many jobs chase too few qualified candidates.

About Stratos Learning:
Stratos Learning is a new training college offered by Unitek Education, an award-winning leader of high-tech training applications, located in Fremont, Calif. The Stratos Learning division focuses on cloud-computer training. The one-day intensive training courses are offered both in Fremont, Calif., and in an online format. To learn more about Stratos Learning, visit www.stratoslearning.com.

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