Açai Roots™ Donates Food & Toys to Families in Tijuana

Açai Roots™ organized Saturday, December 19th, a donation to over 40 families in Tijuana, Mexico.

San Diego, CA, December 23, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Açai Roots™, a leading supplier of 100% natural Brazilian açaí products, helped organize this past Saturday (Dec 19th, 2009) a donation event in Tijuana, Mexico.

With the help of several volunteers and contributors, Açai Roots donated toys and sponsored an on-site cookout to over 40 families from an underprivileged community in Tijuana.

“We estimate that over 250 people showed-up for the event, possibly even more. We are very happy with the success of the program and each year we come here trying to do a little better than the year before,” said Marco Rega, Açai Roots Co-founder and Director of Sales.

One of the highlights of the event was marked by Santa Clause’s appearance.

After all participants had finished their meal, the Açai Roots van drove slowly into the crowed and created anticipation among the attendees. Excited kids started to gather, and Santa Clause finally revealed himself - jumping out from the backdoors of the van, and embracing dozens of children at the same time.

Santa gave gifts to the children and families present at the event, took photos, received hugs and brought smiles to everyone’s face.

“This is certainly one of the most, if not the most, satisfying day of the year for us; hopefully we can inspire others to do the same – the gratification is priceless,” said Marco Rega.

Açai Roots is well-known for its social-responsible approach and it is proud to help make a difference in several communities. Whenever possible, the company participates in social-responsible actions.

More information about Açai Roots and its full product line can be found at www.acairoots.com.

About Açai Roots
Açai Roots™ (www.acairoots.com) is a San Diego-based company that supplies Amazon-grown açaí products. The company was founded in 2005 by three Brazilians from Rio de Janeiro who wanted to bring the authentic and healthy Rio-style açaí to the United States. Açai Roots’ products are made from natural wild crafted açaí berries harvested from the Belém region in the State of Pará, where Brazil produces its "cream of the crop" açaí. The company manufactures and distributes a full line of pure açaí berry products formulated to the highest standards by native Brazilians. Açaí Roots is dedicated to supporting the sustainable harvesting of açaí berries in the Brazilian Amazon to help protect the rainforest and support local communities in Brazil. For information call (866) 401-2224 or visit www.acairoots.com.

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Photo: Açai Roots Co-Founder Marco Rega with children during the event on Saturday.

Photo: Açai Roots Co-Founder Marco Rega with children during the event on Saturday.

Açai Roots Co-Founder Marco Rega with children during the event on Saturday.