At Last! A Safe, Easy and Free Way to Communicate

At Last! A Free, Easy to use, Fun and Safe Way to Keep in Touch is Launched on the Internet

Pathhead, United Kingdom, October 17, 2006 --( New software company Anderson Toomey has launched a free easy-to-use website for friends, families and groups of people who want to keep in touch via a spam-free secure site. Community in a Box (CIAB) – – provides the perfect platform for private member communities to share information, be they families or shared interest groups such as sports/social clubs, parent teacher associations or Neighbourhood Watch groups.

Alistair Toomey, managing director of Midlothian-based Anderson Toomey says: “CIAB is particularly ideal for families as these are becoming more fragmented than ever; factors such as divorce or work have driven many of us far from our roots, often to locations on the other side of the world.

“We can no longer just pop down the road to see family members. It’s all too easy to loose touch with our cousins and their children, for example. We realise we have lost track of where everyone is; especially all the teenagers who are off travelling, somewhere! Now CIAB offers a simple way for everyone to keep in touch, in one secure site, with a whole range of really useful features making it both practical and fun.”

CIAB Facts at your Finger Tips
· CIAB is totally free to join and use.
· Secure login to private member communities – only you and your community members have access to your shared CIAB community and users profiles.
· Create or be invited - you can only join a community if invited by the person who set it up. You can join as many communities as you like: just one username and password is required for all the communities you belong to. Switching between communities is simple.
· CIAB has integrated Skype (see so offers free internet-based telephone calls, conference calls – up to 100 hundred members of a community at a time – chat format and the use of webcams.
· CIAB allows the sharing of:
Ø personal messages within the community (CIAB messages and community notice board).
Ø photos and the creation of photo albums (with digital cameras you can upload photos onto CIAB with ease) – no storage limit.
Ø community calendar.
Ø word/video/PDF files - no storage limit.

The site, which is already attracting quality advertising, is continually evolving and will soon have a link to a CIAB shop. George Anderson, director of technology at Anderson Toomey says: “CIAB has been designed to appeal to all ages and the possibilities are limitless. Families, for example, can upload their family trees onto the site, organise get-togethers and network (chances are you’ll find you have distant relatives doing all sorts of interesting things). We are different to other interactive sites currently on the web in that CIAB is private and secure and offers an excellent range of features in one easy-to-use location. It’s simple and it works!”


CIAB Trial for Press (no need to fill in forms)
For further information a community for press members has been set up for you. Just visit
And enter this user name and password – password: press10 username: press10
Anderson Toomey Limited
Alistair Toomey