ChessJam Spans the Globe - From America to Zimbabwe

The makers of the new online chess game, ChessJam, have released the latest update which includes leader boards to create friendly competition between individuals and countries and messaging to aid users in finding opponents.

Tampa, FL, December 30, 2009 --( Since HD Interactive introduced their new online chess game, ChessJam, the company has been adding new features to enhance the already popular 3-D game. The latest updates include leader boards to increase friendly competition among individuals and countries, an improved Challenge Court to allow players to more easily find an opponent, and more.

“We are really building a great online chess playing community with ChessJam. Our cool graphics and unique Challenge Court and leader boards are drawing chess players form every level and every country,” said an enthusiastic Sean Carey, CEO of HD Interactive, the web development company in Tampa, Florida who made the game.

ChessJam’s famous medieval castle now has a chess-themed landscaped garden that can be accessed by the Stats tab. Here, leader statistics for users and entire countries are displayed. ChessJam users with the highest ratings are displayed on the ChessJam global leader board and advance up the ranks as they win more and more matches. Each user also contributes to their country’s rating in an ongoing Olympic style chess competition, the results of which are also located under the Stats tab.

The ChessJam Challenge Court, where users meet to chat and challenge other players to a game, now includes a window that displays all the users who are logged in, making it easier to find a competitor. In the Challenge Court users can also add friends to their buddy lists to see their statuses and challenge them to games.

Along with the new Challenge Court, ChessJam now has a new messaging system that has been implemented to allow players to message any of their ChessJam friends, even if they are not currently online, to talk strategy or set up a chess match.

This new ChessJam update is aimed at encouraging easier play and connectivity to other users so that every ChessJammer can find a worthy opponent and is already aiding in the gaming experience of their members from 110 countries. The game’s developers still have plenty of new ChessJam features they are working on, including correspondence chess, which would allow users to play games over days or even weeks.

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