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Holiday Checkpoints: Summit Defense Oakland DUI Attorney Challenges Drunk Driving Arrests

Oakland DUI Attorney, Steve Davidson sees an increase in Alameda County DUI Arrests each holiday season. Summit Defense attorneys challenge these arrests based on California's strict legal requirements for sobriety checkpoints.

Oakland, CA, December 29, 2009 --( From now through January 3, 2010, Bay Area Law enforcement, including CHP (California Highway Patrol) announced that they will be cracking down on drunk driving in Alameda County with roadside sobriety checkpoints scheduled for the cities of Alameda, Hayward, Newark, San Leandro and Union City.

They have also advised the public that there will also be a task force, comprised of both the California Highway Patrol and the Oakland Police Department, assigned to monitor the area around the Oakland Coliseum, on January 3rd, 2010 when the Oakland Raiders host the Baltimore Ravens on the last day of the holiday enforcement period.

Twenty One law agencies in the Nine Bay Area counties will coordinate their efforts and assign 250 police officers to monitor the roadways. Last year during the same period of stepped up enforcement there were 1,323 Bay Area arrests. That number was up by 17% from 2007 and there is no indication, even with the current budget crisis, that law enforcement will reduce their efforts.

The attorneys at Summit Defense hope that each Oakland DUI arrest (driving under the influence of alcohol) helps to prevent a needless and tragic drunk driving related fatality. While very minor in comparison to death or injury, each DUI arrest also represents an ordeal and financial burden to the individuals and families involved.

Mr. Steve Davidson, an Oakland DUI Lawyer at Summit Defense Law Offices always sees an increase in Alameda County DUI arrests due to roadside checkpoints around the holidays. While he agrees that it is very important to remove drunk drivers from the roads, he also feels strongly about aggressively protecting his clients' constitutional rights when they are accused of DUI.

Summit Defense DUI attorneys are known for having great success when challenging checkpoint arrests and for defending DUI cases in Alameda county courts.

Says Mr. Davidson, “It is the job of law enforcement to keep us safe but I feel very strongly about protecting the legal and constitutional right of my clients.”

Mr. Davidson explains that California, has specific stipulations that must be adhered to in order for DUI checkpoints to be considered legal.

• Checkpoints must be published in advance
• Locations of checkpoints are to be picked based on drunk driving statistics
• Time frame must be scheduled for effectiveness and minimum intrusiveness
• Roadside stops must be made according to a formula - not by random or profile targeting
• Alternate driving routes must be available
• Warning lights and signs must be clearly visible to alert drivers of slow downs and hazards
• Drivers cannot be detained beyond what is minimally necessary
• A supervisor is required to authorize all actions, not arresting officers

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