IntelliStick Introduces Enhanced Software for Oil Condition Monitoring System

New software enhances IntelliStick’s real-time oil condition monitoring system by providing users with more information about the condition of their engine oil.

Santa Ana, CA, January 01, 2010 --( IntelliStick Inc. has recently introduced enhanced software for the company’s real-time oil condition monitoring system to provide users with more information about the condition of their engine oil, such as calling out alarm and oil change points, and indicating changes in oil condition status on graphs viewable on laptop computers and smart phones running Windows XP or later.

Designed for use with single IntelliStick systems installed in trucks, the software features three main screens for optimal monitoring, including a main screen that indicates oil condition as a simple graphical gauge and reports the status of the connection with the IntelliStick unit. The graphs screen shows historical oil condition measurement in graphical form, including an oil condition curve plotting time and miles.

Users also have the option of breaking down the data by oil change to allow a direct comparison between brands of oil and other changes. The logs screen allows users to enter mileage when oil changes have occurred and to show that data on the graphs. Users can track oil changes and topping off, along with fuel purchases and also calculate gas mileage. A Fleet IntelliStick Monitor System is available for truck fleets with multiple IntelliStick units.

“Condition-based maintenance demands reliable, real-time information to keep vehicles on the road, extend equipment life, and change oil when it’s needed—not too soon and not too late,” said Daniel Edney, PhD, Director of Engineering at IntelliStick. “The enhanced software makes having an IntelliStick unit onboard as essential as a speedometer.”

Sam Jones
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