Dental Providers Seeing a Drop in Business. The Scheduling Institute Looks to Help the Industry in the New Year.

Discussions about which marketing methods are most effective for dental marketing to use: the internet, direct mail, referral systems, etc.

Roswell, GA, January 12, 2010 --( Increased competition and less frequent visits to the dentist due to the economy has led many dentists to take a closer look at dental marketing to grow their practice.

Yet, discussions about which marketing methods are most effective for dental marketing to use: the internet, direct mail, referral systems…etc. never address the one tool at the center of all dental marketing efforts: the telephone.

Ninety-eight percent of potential new patients utilize the telephone first to call a dentist first before making their physician selection. A Scheduling Institute test of over 6,700 dental offices revealed that only 3% of office employees, who are entrusted with handling telephone inquiries, use the most effective technique to close a new patient.

With new patient generation largely in the hands of well paid front office staff working with minimal supervision, Jay Geier devised effective means for dentists to evaluate the sales abilities of personnel in charge of first contact with potential new patients.

Jay Geier’s 5 Star Rating scale presents an in depth examination of the front office staff’s adherence to dental office procedures and sales psychology.

The 5 Star Challenge is conducted by a Scheduling Institute “mystery shopper” posing as a new or interested patient in your area. The analysis of the call is broken down into 5 key components and rated on a 1 to 5 star scale. The results are discretely rushed to the dentist via FedEx to ensure the utmost privacy.

Using the 1 to 5 star rating, a dental front office receives, Jay Geier is able to calculate the precise number of new patients a practice is losing each month. These calculations are based on 20 years of statistical research with dental practices from the United States and international locations.

The normal price for a 5 Star Challenge is $199, however The Scheduling Institute is offering this valuable service at no charge for a limited time.

The 5 start challenge is free of charge and over 10,261 dental offices around the world have taken the 5 Star Challenge.

Visit for your free 5 Star Challenge.

If you are spending or are considering spending any money on dental marketing, take the 5 Star Challenge and find out if your front office staff is helping or hurting your practice.

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