New Book: How to Take Care of Your Share of the Planet: Creating a Healthy Habitat to Protect Your Share of Planet Earth, by Betsy S. Franz

Full of wisdom, wit and wonder, this great little book encourages property owners to get to know their own piece of the planet – and the critters that live there - and then to learn how to protect them.

Melbourne, FL, January 01, 2010 --( She calls herself the ultimate tree-hugging, critter loving, nature nerd. Her readers and friends call her the Nature Lady. Take a stroll through her yard with her and you’ll swear that the huge barred owl, the tiny gopher tortoise or some of the other resident critters probably call her mom. Long-time nature writer Betsy S. Franz has pulled herself in from her forest long enough to create How to Take Care of Your Share of the Planet, a wonderful little book to help teach everyone how to protect their own little piece of planet earth.

“When you talk about saving the planet, the concept is too huge and impersonal for some people to get personally attached to,” Franz said. “You need to come back down to earth where you can get eye to eye with the little things….the miniscule miracles. The birds and the bees and other creatures that add color and song and a whole world of wonder to our lives if we will just take the time to get to know them.”

With that thought in mind, Franz has created a book that provides enough information to guide the reader in creating environmentally friendly landscapes that will be safe havens for local wildlife. Since the secret to creating a healthy habitat is to work with local conditions, each chapter contains suggestions and resources for the reader to discover information specific to their area.

Instructions are also provided to encourage readers to keep a paper or online journal during their progress, both for the educational (left brained) benefits and for the sense of wonder (right brained) that will be discovered as they get to know the flora and fauna in their habitat on a more intimate level.

Franz has included some of her own delightful essays, such as “You May be a Nature Nerd”, and “Wonders Never Cease”, which have made her a popular writer for many wildlife, nature and gardening magazines throughout her writing career.

Perhaps one of the best things about How to Take Care of Your Share of the Planet is its economical size and price.

“I’d rather have people spend their money on plants or birdseed and their time outside enjoying them,” Franz said. “When they learn to take care of their share of the planet, it helps to protect my share, too.”

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Biography: Betsy Franz is a freelance writer and photographer specializing in the Green movement, nature, wildlife, the environment and both humorous and inspirational human interest topics. Her articles and photographs have appeared in many publications including Florida Gardening, Florida Sportsman, E - The Environmental Magazine, BassTimes, Spirituality and Health, Florida Wildlife, South Carolina Wildlife, Birdwatcher’s Digest, the Louisiana Conservationist and others.

Her motto: "I don't just hug trees. I fondle flowers and caress critters and play in the dirt!"

Betsy S. Franz