2010 TiE Detroit Executive Committee

Detroit Chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Announces 2010 TiE Detroit Executive Committee.

Farmington Hills, MI, January 02, 2010 --(PR.com)-- The Detroit Chapter of TiE, The Indus Entrepreneurs, is pleased to announce the 2010 Executive Team effective January 1, 2010 . The announcement was made today by the President of Detroit TiE, Tel Ganesan, President, Vision Tech Solutions.

"TiE Detroit is proud to have young business minds and leaders as part of our management team here at TiE Detroit," said Ganesan. "The new executive structure will allow me to work closely with our experienced management team as we continue to reshape and help TiE meet the challenges and opportunities here in Michigan for businesses," he continued.

The Executive Committee will continue to help the TiE Detroit conceive and implement strategies to assist entrepreneurs in Southeast Michigan and help promote TiE by building partnerships, membership and value-added activities such as TiECon Midwest.

2010 TiE Detroit Executive Committee

President -Tel K. Ganesan

Vice Presidents - Rupesh Srivastava, Rami Fakhoury, Anand Kumar

Secretary - Kasturi Bagchi
Events - Kasturi Bagchi (Chair), Veer Khare (Co-Chair), Janak Mehta (Co-Chair), Urvi Mehta (Co-Chair)

Sponsorship - Tel Ganesan (Chair) , Rami Fakhoury (Co-Chair) , Rupesh Srivastava (Co-Chair), Bob Dashairya (Co-Chair), Anand Kumar (Co-Chair)

Membership - Sanjay Seth (Chair), Kapila Viges (Co-Chair), Priya Marwah Doornbos (Co-Chair)

Mentoring - Priya Marwah Doornbos (Chair), Prafulla Pande (Co-Chair), Sanjay Seth (Co-Chair), Inian Arokya (Co-Chair)

Partnership - Sanjay Kumar (Chair), Kapila Viges (Co-Chair)

Accounts/Finance - Gyanendra Prasad (Chair), Nandini Sherry (Co-Chair)

IT Systems - Raji Thangavelu (Chair), Luxmi Sharma (Co-Chair),
Charter Membership - Monish Verma (Chair), Vinita Varma (Co-Chair), Kapila Viges (Co-Chair)

Marketing - Branding and Collateral - Anu Gopalakrishnan (Chair)

Marketing - Outreach - Mark Ijlal (Chair)

Marketing - Website and Social Media - Janak Mehta (Chair), Urvi Mehta (Co-Chair)

Press Release - Emile Mahanti (Chair), Mahesh Lunani (Co-Chair), Chokha Palavamkottai (Co-Chair)

Operations - Urvi Mehta (Chair)

Special Interest Groups (SIG)
Clean Tech - SIG - Sanjay Kumar (Chair), Mahesh Lunani (Co-Chair)

Private Equity - SIG - Sanjay Seth (Chair)
Health Care - SIG - Rupesh Srivastava

Emerging Industries - SIG - Ram Rajappa (Chair)

BPC - Prakash Shrivastava (Chair), Anil Menawat (Co-Chair)

TiE has grown to become the world's largest non-profit organization for entrepreneurs. You can learn more by visiting www.tie-detroit.org. The Detroit Chapter of TiE is a not-for-profit network of entrepreneurs and professionals, dedicated to the advancement of entrepreneurship in Michigan and is one of the 53 regional chapters across 11 countries. TiE strives to foster and nurture entrepreneurship by providing an educational, networking and mentoring platform to its members.

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