Version 5.0 Release of Brown Paper Tickets Website is a Game Changer for Ticketing

Brown Paper Tickets has announced that version 5.0 of it's website includes new features for the ticketing industry. In addition they have initiated the only truly flat fee structure for all tickets, which amounts to the lowest pricing available. The company seeks to disrupt the industry norms with a model to offer more services to producers of all sized events at no charge, while also lowering service fees for ticket buyers.

Seattle, WA, January 02, 2010 --( Having set off in 2000 to provide full-service and advanced ticketing tools to any event for free, Brow Paper Tickets has now come out with features not available anywhere else and they are still giving them away for free. They have also dropped the ticket buyer service fees they charge which were already the lowest in the ticketing industry. Why would a low-price leader drop fees when they are already improving service? Brown Paper Tickets claims it is all part of their greater mission to permanently change the ticketing industry and bring down the slice that ticketing companies earn off ticket buyers and producers.

Brown Paper Tickets, which was founded in Seattle, has expanded nationwide, as well as into Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom. Ticketing 50,000 events in 2009, over 15,000 registered producers, and booking over 300,000 free tickets to free events this year alone, Brown Paper Tickets is a company that continues to grow at an average rate of 200% per year. The formula for Brown Paper Ticket's success over the last 9 years is based on offering full-service and the lowest pricing.

The latest features they have launched with the most recent version of their website:
* The current Sponsorship Match-Making Service, which helps smaller producers of events get properly positioned in front of sponsors, is now rolling out as an online tool to help quantify ROI for companies.
* Event Promotions provided by an in house marketing team as well as some nifty automated features to feed social media and generate media blasts.
* The "Open Ticket Network" allows any retailer with an Internet connection and a printer to become a ticket seller and earn a commission.
* An advanced API that is enabling the development of several new applications and integration with a range of partner sites.
* New pricing features such as an option to break out Venue fees for greater transparency and the ability to set up an auction for tickets.
* Discount codes which can be used for by-invitation-only sales, pre-sales, fan or member discounts, or as a tracking tool to see the results on promotional materials & outside sales teams.
* New communication tools for producers of events to reach their customers such as an onsite Blog, opt-in mailing lists and the ability to email customers from within the Brown Paper Tickets website or to export the data.
* Integration with SalesForce.

In addition to the extensive new features and services released in the 5.0 version of their website, Brown Paper Tickets announced that they are lowering their service fees and making them flat fees - no more percentages to calculate. The flat fee structure is now 99¢ for tickets under $10 or $1.99 for over $10, and free ticketing to free events, with no credit card fees or hidden charges.

"We're really just getting started. We're no longer fixing the industry, we're making it better." says Steve Butcher, CEO of Brown Paper Tickets, "As we continue to offer more service for less cost, the ticketing industry is starting to catch on. We haven’t had to compromise our standards. Our growth is proof the model works. We’re still privately held with no venture capital, still open source, and still ticketing anything.”


About Brown Paper Tickets: Privately owned and founded in 2000, Brown Paper Tickets is a primary ticketing service working with event producers, artists and venues of all sizes across the US, Canada, the UK and Europe, with a 24/7 call center in English, French and Spanish. Brown Paper Tickets is a “Not-Just-For-Profit” company - the goal isn't making the most money, but rather to fix the industry by offering more service for less.
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