Green Collar Association Features Apollo Alliance

Green Collar Association’s December newsletter features lead article by Apollo Alliance.

Washington, DC, January 04, 2010 --( The December issue of the Green Collar Association monthly newsletter features a lead article by Andrea Buffa of the Apollo Alliance.

Every month Green Collar Association brings its members insight into the growth of green collar jobs from North America’s leading experts in business, journalism, education, non-profit, and politics. The lead article in last month’s Green Collar Association newsletter written by Michael Ignatieff, Harvard Scholar and leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, presented the Liberal Party’s vision for the growth of green collar jobs in the clean energy sector.

This month, Buffa explains the Apollo Alliance’s “vision of a clean energy future that could wean America off foreign oil while putting millions of Americans to work in a new generation of high-quality, green-collar jobs.” This month’s newsletter also contains a piece outlining the Green Workforce Preparedness Initiative, which was presented at COP15 climate conference in Copenhagen by executive officers Michael Dayan and Gus Klemos. The Green Workforce Preparedness Initiative is Green Collar Association’s proposal for the Federal government to provide targeted financial and regulatory incentives to corporations, labor unions, and non profits that invest in the (re)training and education of skilled workers and professionals to equip them with the skills and tools to address the requirements of a green economy.

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Green Collar Association represents 85,000 members of the workforce, educational community, and corporations who share a common objective: to position North America to lead the green economy. Specifically, we are a clearinghouse that supports green collar job growth through education and training. We do this by connecting members of the workforce individually, and through their corporations, with educational opportunities that equip them with knowledge of trends and best practices to perform the roles and tasks required for the green economy.

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Michael O. Dayan, Ph.D.