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New Website Lets Language Learners Practice Listening Skills by Watching and Transcribing YouTube Video.

Moscow, Russia, January 04, 2010 --( Larnit Ltd today announces the launch of, a new collaborative platform where language learners can post a YouTube video in a foreign language and get it transcribed by a native speaker or advanced speaker of the required language. The project will help pupils, students and language learners to practice listening comprehension skills using native video and audio materials.

After studying vocabulary and grammar of a foreign language for a while, many learners discover that their listening skills leave much to be desired and require special practice to understand foreign speech well. If learners find themselves drowning in a sea of words, being unable to understand what is said, is a way to go. Once registered, the user can post YouTube video and invite other members to transcribe it. Transcripts get rated by other members and the best ones are displayed above the video. By transcribing dialogs, movie scenes, video clips, TV broadcasts, as well as video lectures, learners can correlate written and oral speech and learn to understand foreign speech better than before. The system currently supports 175 languages, so language learners can get a transcript of a video in almost any modern foreign language.

“There are many ways you can benefit from,” says Dmitry Lopatin, CEO, Larnit Ltd. “Let’s say you have an interesting lecture in a foreign language, which you cannot understand completely. You can post the video to and get it transcribed by other users. Next day you can make a brilliant report in college based on what you learned in the lecture. Or, you can practice the language by transcribing someone’s video and comparing your transcript with those posted by other members. If necessary, you can discuss the results with others via internal mail and get valuable feedback that will help you master the language.”

The launch of was inspired by requests of the users of another educational project by Larnit – The latter website was designed as a proofreading platform with support for 175 languages and launched in summer 2009. Both websites offer users single registration and profiles, so members who have accounts on one platform, can use same login to enter another. makes learning a foreign language easy, fun and the best thing of all is that it is free.


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Larnit Ltd is an online advertising agency. Founded in 2007 by Dmitry Lopatin, Larnit owns a rapidly growing network of 30 business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce portals, making it easy for buyers and suppliers in Russian-speaking Internet to find each other and exchange trade offers.

Recently, Larnit has focused its efforts on building and promoting educational collaboration projects targeting the needs of language learners around the world. The projects include,, Larnit is located in Moscow, Russia. For more information, please visit


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