Free Real Estate Advertising Service Represents Changing Industry

The real estate industry's "Location, location, location!" refers increasingly to the internet. Does a free advertising service threaten the livelihood of real estate agents? It shouldn't, according to Free Home Shop President Shaun Roundy.

Orem, UT, October 18, 2006 --( is determined to change the face of the real estate industry, but not the way you might expect.

“It’s the perfect advertising model,” asserts President Shaun Roundy, an entrepreneur and former real estate agent who dreamt up the concept years ago and completed implementation this month. “It’s all things to all people.”

What Roundy is referring to is the fact that the internet's need to cater to the public's every wish leads inevitably to free services that often threaten older models.

"It's happened to software, it's happened to music, and now it's happening to real estate," Roundy says. He hastens to point out, however, that the availability of free services does not inevitably lead to the replacement of other delivery methods. "Quite the opposite," he explains. "It's a simple question of evolution - those who evolve increase their success." provides such an opportunity, Roundy claims, by offering free exposure to agents and their listings while simultaneously catering to FSBO's (for sale by owners).

But advertising exposure is only half the reason home sellers have traditionally needed agents. Large and complex financial transactions are intimidating and risky without a professional guide, "and people know that," believes Roundy. "If agents disappeared, consumers would be in serious trouble."

As for the rental market also served by, newspaper classifieds are the only entity threatened, but “we have plans to cooperate with them for another win-win-win situation,” says Roundy, who also spent several years working for a major player in the newspaper software industry. currently serves all Utah markets.

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