Tubecupid, the Answer to London Tube Commuters' Missed Love Connections

Travellers on the London Underground can now find their "tube crushes" through a sophisticated social networking site called Tubecupid.

London, United Kingdom, January 07, 2010 --( You're travelling on the London Underground and you've seen the hottest thing you've seen in ages. They're looking at you as well, but have you got the bottle to go and speak to her or him?

Oh dear. They've just got off the train, and gave you one final farewell glance.

But today, London's frustrated tube commuters are presented with a "revolutionary tool" to find their tube crushes. has launched and it differs from all previous attempts to help us poor love-stricken commuters.

A project managed from the heart of London, Tubecupid is far from a standard dating site for finding love. It has a sophisticated system which gives you the opportunity to select the date, time, tube line, direction of travel and even the colour of her purse, or the colour of his jacket to make sure you find the person you're looking for. It keeps your information from the general public to prevent random people sending you messages.

Tubecupid matches your experience to someone else's that's relatively similar, enabling you to check the other person's profile and see if they were the person that made your heart skip a beat. Then you can send a direct message to them and arrange that coffee date.

"Free London newspapers are full of columns where people are desperate to find the person they had a quick conversation with, locked their eyes on or just shared a smile with on the London Underground. But how many of these people actually get a reply, considering that their advert is only in the paper for one measly day?" asks Alp Ayhan, co-founder of Tubecupid.

He makes the rightful point that "the London Underground is a unique place for a relatively reserved country like England, as strangers sit across each other for journeys that can last as long as an hour" and some kind of silent emotional connection between two people is inevitable.

"Tubecupid matches you with someone that you liked the look of in real life. The energy you feel when you see someone in the flesh can not be equalled online. Let's be honest.

"We had a vision to build a permanent and secure solution to the tube crush problem, and we've done it. You register for free, log in your experience, select a few details and your experience is saved on our database. Tubecupid flies off and does the rest of the work, looking for someone with a matching experience and notifies you in your profile."


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