Distressed Pro Launches Property Professional’s Podcast Series

With distressed commercial real estate loans soaring, industry veterans share lessons learned through a Property Professional’s Podcast Series about how to prosper during a time of significant change.

Boston, MA, January 09, 2010 --(PR.com)-- With distressed commercial real estate loan totals approximately doubling from 2008 to 2009, and projections that US banks will face significant problems with loans in 2010, long-time industry veterans are leveraging their experience to prosper during a time of significant change. Success stories from distressed property professionals are gleamed from discussions and interviews conducted by distressedpro.com, and are being made available in a Property Professional’s Podcast Series being launched during January 2010.

While final 2009 figures will be made available by late February 2010, it is projected that distressed commercial real estate loans will almost double from totals of approximately $29 billion in 2008, to approximately $56 billion in 2009. The floodgates of distressed assets and bank REO are predicted to open in 2010, and the time has never been better to get positioned to take advantage of the coming avalanche of opportunity. Industry veterans Greg Trotter, Warren Kirshenbaum, and Ken Hecht have recognized this opportunity, and are leveraging their backgrounds and experience to diligently execute in markets that may appear unapproachable by others.

In Distressed Pro’s Property Professional’s Podcast Series, Trotter, Kirshenbaum, and Hecht provide insight based on lessons learned that has allowed them to be successful regardless of market condition. With topics including opportunities and challenges in commercial property receivership, critical components for a successful distressed assets fund, and how to setup and run distressed asset mastermind groups, Trotter, Kirshenbaum, and Hecht share their industry and personal expertise.

For more information on the Property Professional’s Podcast Series, visit http://distressedpro.com/blog/distressed-property-professional-podcast-series/. For more information on Distressed Pro, visit http://distressedpro.com.


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