NominoData LLC Launches CheckForRisk 2010 for the Cyber-Dating Community

NominoData LLC unveils an invaluable search engine to empower online daters to analyze a potential partner’s negative history or harmful past actions

Incline Village, NV, January 10, 2010 --( As the social dating phenomenon continues accelerated growth, cyber-daters may naively assume that everyone online is straightforward and well intentioned. Cyber-dating provides a clandestine world in which the information that is revealed about a person is in essence the information the person wants to divulge in screen life; however, it may not be in fact, actuality. With over eighty percent of online daters being more selective in 2010, they need to actively look for “global risk sources” to instantly warn them of a potential ill-advised liaison.

“We are excited to expand our CheckForRisk brand to encompass the dating marketplace. This phenomenal product gives the risk prevention advantage that most cyber-daters are not aware exists. CheckForRisk is a very powerful tool that we sell to banks and financial institutions to help them perform advanced due diligence on customers," said Al MacDonald, NominoData LLC CEO and Founder.

CheckForRisk includes a wide range of global risk sources including watch lists as well as a large array of negative media, law enforcement press releases, arrests, convictions, indictments, identity theft and financial fraud, to name a few.

In 2010, the top cyber-dating industry providers boast an active dating pool with over 64,000,000 members, which means, daters have a lot of relationship choices to sift through. It is vital that proper steps are taken to safeguard financial and personal liability which could be high as a result of a potential suitor’s actions; past, present or future. Our CheckForRisk searches the world for risk relevant statistics on dating prospects, significant others or life partners.

“Our easy to use platform arms the online dating community with the knowledge and guidance they need to make sensible dating choices. A minor mistake with a con man’s adventures could lead to a broken heart and broken bank account; however, a major mistake could lead to financial insolvency and devastation," said Jeffrey Balkus, Business Development Manager, NominoData LLC.

For an unprecedented offering that is extremely affordable, with no long term contracts or set-up fees, you too can have the muscle to privately CheckForRisk in your home or office.

In the future, you could not imagine cyber-dating without this proprietary search engine to CheckForRisk.

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