Lose Weight Get in Shape; Fitness4Her Makes New Years Resolution to Help Others Keep Theirs

After repeatedly making the same resolution year after year, to lose weight and get in shape, women around the world start to see it as an elusive dream. According to an internationally acclaimed women's fitness trainer, it doesn't have to be.

Palm Beach, FL, January 10, 2010 --(PR.com)-- ”Lose weight and get in shape!” That’s the number one resolution made by women around the world. The problem is that after repeatedly making that same resolution year after year, it becomes an elusive dream that rivals the hope of winning the lottery. But fitness doesn’t have to be an obscure objective. It is possible to achieve weight loss goals--and to make it easier, internationally acclaimed women’s fitness trainer Karen Ficarelli has decided to make it her resolution to help women everywhere finally stick to their resolutions.

For a limited time, she is offering all ladies who resolve to lose weight and get in shape in 2010, a free membership to her diet, women’s exercise program, and women’s fitness blog at http://www.Fitness4Her.com. Ficarelli knows that getting the right information about health and fitness can be expensive, and so can staying motivated; it can require a pricey investment in hiring an experienced women’s personal trainer, buying recipe books, monthly fees at diet support groups...and that expense alone is enough to cause many women to put off exercising and getting fit. Ficarelli doesn’t want finances to get in the way of a healthier lifestyle.

That’s why Ficarelli is offering a free membership to her site, where members will receive motivation, support, encouragement, advice, and free recipes and exercise programs.

On her site, Ficarelli offers step-by-step exercise routines that are easy to follow. Now women everywhere, regardless of their age or athletic ability can join Fitness4Her and find out how easy it is to lose weight, get in shape and keep it off.

“Women all over the world worry about gaining weight from all the high-calorie food consumed through the holidays, but the real threat of an expanding waistline comes from the food eaten all throughout the year,” states Ficarelli. "It’s a lot easier to control your weight if you practice healthy eating and participate in a regular exercise program year ‘round, rather than trying to lose an abundant amount of weight quickly.”

Ficarelli practices what she preaches. A slender, but muscular dynamo, this mother of three sports a list of accomplishments and multiple certifications as a personal fitness trainer, a sports nutritionist, a fitness model, Pilates’ instructor and internationally acclaimed fitness author. Karen has published hundreds of articles and blogs covering all aspects of women’s fitness and health. She even gets up close and personal and talks about sex.

Ficarelli invites everyone whose New Year’s resolution includes losing weight and getting in shape to visit http://www.fitness4her.com and sign up now for their free membership. It’s free and there’s no obligation. However, once they visit, they’ll find they want to return time and again, to read Ficarelli’s newest posts on women’s fitness and health, grab some healthy recipes and help themselves to a wealth of inspiration and motivation to keep their New Year’s resolution for 2010.

About Karen Ficarell

Karen Ficarelli is a Women’s Fitness Author, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Sports Nutritionist, Fitness Model, Wife and mom to 3 boys, whose passion is motivating and inspiring other women to achieve their individual Health & Fitness Goals. Karen’s fitness programs and articles are published and may be found on hundreds of websites in many languages throughout the world. Karen invites everyone interested in health and fitness to follow her on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/Fitness4Her

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