Innov-X Systems Significantly Upgrades Omega Series Analyzers

Woburn, MA, January 10, 2010 --( Innov-X Systems, Inc. proudly announces the introduction of several new features and capabilities associated with its 2.0.9 software for the Omega Series handheld X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzers.

The rugged, handheld Omega XRF analyzer features a safe, yet powerful 40 kV / 4 Watt X-ray tube for high performance XRF analysis of virtually any material. The Omega Xpress, with the addition of a sophisticated large-area silicon drift detector (SDD), delivers significantly faster and more precise analysis throughput, along with some of the best limits of detection available today in a handheld XRF analyzer for metal and alloy applications.

Expanding on the Omega Series alloy analyzer platforms, Innov-X announces:

· Sulfur (S) in alloy analysis
o Quickly and accurately quantify S content in stainless and low alloy steels; confidently identify 303 and 416 grades.
· Unique combination of fundamental parameter (FP) and empirical calibrations enhanced with base-specific calibration factors
o Accurately and precisely quantify metal chemistries across all analyzed base materials.
o Trained operators can fine tune analyzer performance to specific needs; a feature typically found only in larger, more expensive laboratory based equipment.
· Expanded alloy grade library and enhanced detection of tramp elements
o The expanded Innov-X alloy grade library identifies more than 380 unique grades. It accurately compensates matching algorithms with detected tramp elements, alerting the operator to their presence while correctly and confidently identifying the grade.
· Air density correction for vacuum based analyzers
o Automatic correction of analysis for any vacuum variations.
o Altitude information can be entered for automatic fine tuning of vacuum pressure limits and analyzer calibration. The traveling user can use a reliable calibration optimized under any condition / in any location.

Additionally, 2.0.9 user interface improvements make the Omega Series analyzers more responsive, simpler and intuitive – bolstering the ease-of-use and efficiency that Innov-X partners’ value.

Software upgrades are available at any time as Innov-X is committed to providing a clear path to their next technology. Zero obsolescence. Zero risk.

For more information on Omega Series handheld XRF analyzers or any of Innov-X’s other portable and on-site XRF & XRD products, please go to:, call 866-4 Innov-X, or email

About Innov-X Systems, Inc.
Innov-X Systems, founded in 2001, is a global leader in rapid, on-site XRF measurements. Innov-X provides real-time, non-destructive analysis where the answer is needed the most. Their full suite of on-site XRF products provides high performance elemental analysis for Mg thru U, ppm to 100%. Innov-X Systems has the breadth of XRF experience and range of product offerings to provide field-hardened, high global service organization with worldwide operations, sales, and service. Headquartered in the U.S. with R&D and manufacturing facilities, they have offices in Europe, Australia and Asia. In addition, sales and service (including installation & training) is available in over 100 countries.

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Carrie-Ann Doucette