The Business World Has a New Ally:

Internet site brings industry and talented university students together. It’s a match made in cyberspace: Thanks to the innovative new Web site, university students and companies looking for one another for research-and-development related activities can finally connect.

Grand Rapids, MI, October 19, 2006 --( Approximately 6 million companies ranging from small startups to government agencies to non-profits struggle with funding and staffing research-and-development projects. But with these tight economic times, businesses may feel they cannot pursue all of the projects of interest.

Meanwhile, more than 2 million university seniors and graduate students have gone back to school this fall. Their thoughts are consumed with what to do for a senior design (capstone) project, and ways to land that all-important first job. And work experience often serves as the difference between “We’ll call you” and “You’ve got the job.”

It was this conundrum that led founders Gerald B. Zerfas and Howard A. Wright to create, the first Web site of its kind that serves as a meeting place between companies and university students.

Here’s how it works: A company posts a research-and-development project that it is looking for a university student(s) to work on. Projects can be in areas like engineering, businesses, graphic arts, behavioral and medical sciences and others. University students can list their biography. then allows its users to search through the listings according to field of study. There are no costs for students or companies to view and respond to listings.

Students benefit because the site gives them access to quality research-and-development projects, which allows them to demonstrate what they have learned by addressing a real world problem and gain valuable work experience. Companies receive priceless access to top student talent that can help them complete projects key to their growth.

As a bonus, students and companies can list their information for free through Feb. 1, 2007 as the Web site officially launches. After that date, students can list their bios for $40 and industry can list their projects for $150.

Gerald Zerfas