Autograph Store Charity Fundraising Raises Over $1,000,000 for Charity in 2009

Authentic celebrity memorabilia items from Autograph Store Charity Fundraising helped 1,056 different charities raise $1,123,845 in 2009.

Hackensack, NJ, January 10, 2010 --( Autograph Store’s Charity Fundraising Division raised $1,123,845 for charities in 2009 with its autographed music and entertainment items. The current economic downturn has challenged charities to develop unique fundraisers that will excite donors. Autograph Store Charity Fundraising’s authentic celebrity memorabilia items have helped make it possible for large and small charities to exceed their fundraising goals at their charity auctions and gala fundraisers.

Popular Autograph Store Charity Fundraising items that charities auctioned in 2009 included:

• $10,000 raised for Multiple Sclerosis with Bruce Springsteen autographed guitar

• $9,500 raised for Diabetes Association with Rolling Stones autographed guitar

• $5,000 raised for American Heart Association with Barack Obama baseball

• $4,500 raised for 4 different charities with Michael Jackson autographed Thriller record albums

• $3800 raised for Ronald McDonald House with autographed James Bond poster signed by all of the past 5 actors who played James Bond.

Anthony Nurse, Charity Fundraising Director at Autograph Store, reflected over the year’s charity fundraising achievements and stated: “Our Zero Risk – All Reward charity fundraising program really took off this year and we were able to provide our auction items to 1,247 different charity auctions and galas. Our best selling fundraiser items without a doubt have been our autographed guitars. In fact for the last two years (2008 & 2009) any charity that used one of our autographed guitars in their live charity auction sold them, for a 100% sell through rate. Popular items this year also included anything autographed by Miley Cyrus, The Harry Potter & Twilight casts, Michael Jackson, U2, The Jonas Brothers and of course the greatest rock band on earth, The Rolling Stones. Also our “Once In A Lifetime Experiences” such as attending the Grammy Music Awards and official after party and the Sonoma Valley VIP Wine Experience and vacation package brought in a lot of donations this year for various charities,” Mr. Nurse said.

Looking ahead into 2010, Mr. Nurse provided a glimpse of what Autograph Store Charity Fundraising will be working on: “We will continue to focus on our mission which is helping each and every charity auction and fundraiser to be the most successful ever. We raised $1,123,845 for charities, schools and other non-profits in 2009 and I am not satisfied yet; I want to dramatically improve that number in 2010 and beyond,” Mr. Nurse stated.

With Autograph Store Charity Fundraising’s 2009 charity fundraising success and its lofty goals to help charities in 2010, it’s no wonder an increasing number of non-profits, charities, schools and other organizations look to Autograph Store Charity Fundraising when they want to conduct fundraising events. It’s easy to get started working with Autograph Store Charity Fundraising. Charitable organizations select autographed celebrity memorabilia for their fundraisers and the items are shipped to them post-paid by Autograph Store. Any amount bid on each item over its reserve price is profit for the charity. There is no risk to the organization to work with Autograph Store Charity Fundraising. If for some reason an item does not sell the charity can return it post-paid to Autograph Store.

Charitable organizations can start now planning their 2010 fundraisers. Autograph Store Charity Fundraising invites charities to read fundraising testimonials from organizations who conducted successful fundraisers using its autographed celebrity memorabilia items. Autograph Store Charity Fundraising is ready to consult with large organizations and small charity groups to help them select the perfect autographed fundraising items for their upcoming benefits, galas and charity events.

About Autograph Store Charity Fundraising:

Autograph Store Charity Fundraising is a charity fundraising company serving at the pleasure of more than 1,200 charities & non-profits worldwide. Autograph Store Charity Fundraising's mission is focused on helping charities and non-profits exceed their fundraising goals at their charity galas, dinners, benefits, golf tournaments and more with zero risk to the organization through a myriad of authentic hand signed entertainment and music collectibles. Autograph Store Charity Fundraising's branded celebrity memorabilia has assisted charities while increasing their fundraising in all 50 states in the US as well in Japan, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Website:

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