Twelve "In Progress" Author's Clicks for the World

The Cultural Association "In Progress" has presented the In Progress 2010 calendar and announces the launch of the Miss Progress International website.

San Giorgio Ionico, Italy, January 10, 2010 --( With the press conference hosted by the mall "Mongolfiera" in Taranto that took place this morning, the long-awaited presentation of the calendar created by the cultural Association "In Progress" based in San Giorgio Ionico.

Giusy, Luca and Giuseppe, the three founders of the association which has as its mission the enhancement of the immense cultural, artistic and natural Italian, used the precious collaboration of Antonio Zanata, great professional photographer through which as many as 15 models (eleven girls and four boys) will be the protagonists involved for the whole year 2010.

The location choices range from romantic views suggested by the municipalities of Pulsano and Laterza to one steel plant, from a vessel in navigation in the Mar Grande of Taranto to the filing of a car demolitor, at a beach... even a cemetery. See the photos:

"Since the inception phase of the calendar - says Borrillo, the spokesman for the association - we wanted to characterize this work with strong contrasts, making each shot had a context consistent with the period represented.

In support of this assertion just think that it was a graveyard the background for the picture in November in which it is portrayed Sara, that Pamela was dressed up in March as a modern Botticelli's Venus, who for the month of June, Angela, seems to hold in her hands a star to remember the arrival of the summer solstice, and so on ...

"A sincere applause open to all boys and girls who have posed - adds Luca Luccarelli, the vice-president - and demonstrated exemplary dedication and professionalism. In addition to the sponsoring companies, which allowed to cover the substantial costs incurred in producing the 5000 free copies of the calendar, we are also grateful to the many people who have worked with the same enthusiasm of ours."

Giusy Noble, president of the cultural association defines the calendar "our business card to let us know by the public and institutions, beginning with the President of the Province of Taranto who has honored his confidence given practically and which has already expressed its appreciation for how it has been paid off."

Browsing this special collector's item is easy to spot, arriving in October, as the day on Sunday 10 is highlighted in a different way from the other holidays and this is more than justified by the fact that on the 10/10/10 will be elected the winner of Miss Progress International, the beauty pageant dedicated to
environment, human rights, cultural integration and health.

Over 50 beautiful delegates representing as countries from all over the world will compete for the title of Ambassador of Progress.

It was also made official the publication of the Italian and the English version of the website which will be followed, in the coming days, by those in French and Spanish.

A great novelty, then, in the entertainment world: a pageant that can forward important messages in a "light" way as a beauty pageant can be.

Associazione Culturale IN PROGRESS
Giuseppe Borrillo